Review | MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis)

Want to know my thoughts on the MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis)?
Review | MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis)

What is it?
It’s a Lilac toned Pink lipstick from budget brand Makeup Academy and the band One Direction.
Review | MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis)
The MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis) retails at £3.00 and is available to purchase from Superdrug, online and in store.
As you can probably tell the packaging is fairly similar to MAC in terms of shape and with the signature on the bullet but it does of course differ. I personally wish the packaging was entirely black even though it would then be really ripping MAC off but then again, it’s not the first time MUA have took inspiration from big, pricier brands (Their “new” nail polish bottles look awfully similar to Essie polishes and their Undress Me Highlighter has also been compared to MAC) Anyway although I’m not the biggest fan it does the job, although it does annoy me that there is no mention whatsoever of the shade name on the actual lipstick.
Review | MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis)
My thoughts
Now I’m not the biggest 1D fan although I do like a couple of their songs but when I spotted the MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me on various blogs, I fell in love with the shade. Rock Me is a truly gorgeous Lilac toned Pink that is surprisingly wearable and works well with my pale skin tone without washing me out. I found it applied nicely due to the slightly creamy texture. It’s not the most pigmented lipstick in the world but it’s certainly not bad. You may also have noticed from the picture above that the lipstick its self has lots of “x’s and o’s” and “1D” embossed on it. Although it’s a nice touch and makes the lipstick look funky, after the first use the “1D” disappeared which was kind of a shame but I wasn’t really that bothered. The only thing that let the lipstick down for me was the wear time. I found after 2 and a half hours the lipstick had practically completely disappeared which means for me frequent application is essential when sporting this lippy. Not the most practical thing in the world, especially when you’re a busy bee.
Review | MUA One Direction Lipstick in Rock Me (Louis) Swatch
  • Affordable
  • Effective packaging
  • Stunning shade
  • Has a slightly creamy texture and applies nicely
  • Good pigmentation


  • No mention of the shade name on the actual lipstick
  • Doesn’t have the best longevity


I absolutely love the look of Rock Me and although the wear time isn’t the best, I’ll definitely continue to get some good use out of it as it’s just too pretty to have sitting in the back of my dressing table.
Are you a fan of the One Direction make up range?
Shannon xo
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  • Ruby Barton

    I love the look of the product but I hate the fact it's got One Direction on it. Perhaps I can get past that as the price is great 🙂

    Roo xx

    • I hesitated a little before buying as I felt like it was aimed at much younger teens than myself but the colour absolutely swayed me xo

  • Carrieanne Drew

    I said I was going to buy these when they first came out and still haven't purchased them didn't know they were still on sale

    Carrieanne x

    • I'm not actually sure how long they're going to be on sale for but they've defo been on sale for a while now haven't they? xo

  • Kirstie Saunders

    I have this and I LOVE it! I love how much detail went into it even though it is a cheap product!


    • Totally agree Kirstie, it's not often brands put as much effort in as MUA with this range xo

  • Emily Pye

    cute! I love the MUA range at the moment.. I understand though I don't really want to buy the one direction lipstick (although im a huge fan) It just seems to be marketed at the younger audience in my opinion.
    Lovely shade and for £3!

    A Fickle Fox | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    • Me too, they've got some fab products. I'm not going to lie, taking this to the till in Superdrug I felt silly as it's clearly not aimed at my age range but I couldn't resist as the shade is stunning xo

  • Justine J

    I love the shade! And it's so affordable! Great post xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Iqra

    Great review! The colour surprised me because as you said theres no mention of it on the bullet 😮
    also just wanted to say your blog design is AMAAAZING! so beautiful and captivating ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  • Jannatul JFR

    its so cute and the color is so pretty !

  • Márcia Vieira

    The shade is gorgeous! 🙂


  • vanessa King

    Love the review!