Review | Stargazer White Foundation

Want to know my thoughts on the Stargazer White Foundation?
Review | Stargazer White Foundation

What is it?
It’s a white liquid foundation that can be used on it’s own or mixed with other foundations.
Review | Stargazer White Foundation
The Stargazer White Foundation retails at £4.00 and is available to purchase on the Blue Banana website.
The foundation comes in a round plastic bottle with a screw top lid that has a spatula attached to it. I find it works well at dispensing the product and keeps it nice and secure.
My thoughts
When I first received this through my letter box I thought to myself, this would be fantastic for events like Halloween and fancy dress parties as it’d probably make a wonderful pale, white base but when it came to testing it out for that purpose, I realised how wrong I was. Unfortunately when used alone the thick, sticky foundation applied quite patchy and sheer. I mean, you could probably achieve that white base but I’d imagine it’d take a whole boat load of product. So onto the next step I went. I’m quite a pale gal and nine times out of ten the palest foundations (particularly when it comes to highstreet brands) are far too dark for me to pull off so as you can imagine, I have quite the collection of foundations that are just sitting in my drawer, gathering dust as I’m unable to use them. So I thought I’d have a play around and mix them with the Stargazer White Foundation in the hope that I could finally get some use out of the products that were just sat around and I’m pleased I did. Although this foundation is quite frankly, pants on it’s own, it’s top notch when it comes to mixing with other foundations. It lightens them really well and even adds a slightly brightening effect to the foundation which makes the skin glow.
  • Affordable
  • Effective packaging
  • Great for mixing with foundations that may be too dark for you
  • Ever so slightly brightens the face making skin glow
  • It’s quite sheer so not exactly suitable for use on it’s own if you’re wanting to achieve a super white, pale face for say a fancy dress event
  • When used on it’s own it can be a tad patchy
  • Has a quite thick, sticky texture


On it’s own this foundation isn’t the best but when used to lighten foundations that are too dark for you, it works absolute wonders and I reckon a lot of pale people out there would get on very well with this stuff.
Are you a fan of Stargazer makeup? What’s your favourite foundation for mixing?
Shannon xo
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(*PR sample)
  • Kate Wilson

    I too am on the pale side and often find even the palest foundations too dark for me so might have to look into buying this! x http://my–

    • I find it a nightmare trying to find non expensive, highstreet branded foundation to suit my skin tone. The only company I've found to match is Revlon. Collection foundations JUST match my skin tone when I'm tanned but it's such a hassle xo

  • Keisha Ramsay

    What an interesting idea…mixing into foundations to customize your shade! I have never heard of white foundation. Thanks for sharing this!

    Keisha xo

  • Sian Leonard

    Haven't tried this product, haven't even heard of the brand! Puts me off their other items ahah. Great review :)xx

  • Kat B

    Wow, haven't seen a product like this before! I usually miss the right colour in foundations as well, so this might be just the thing for me!

    Kat B

    • It's great for mixing to get your perfect shade 🙂 xo

  • Le Ngo

    I brought some white paint from a halloween shop, and it's still going strong!

  • Elizabeth Breygel

    I would never guess to mix it with a darker foundation to fit my skin tone:) Very good idea, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • georgina davies

    How unusual! this is a great idea i am the same as you and really struggle, i have so many foundations that are just way to dark for my skin! the joys of being pale! xx

  • Alice Red

    Great post, been thinking about getting this for a while as I have so many foundations that are just a smidge too dark x