Weekly Beauty Bargains | Fragrance Direct | Edition #1

As a new little feature on Raspberrykiss, I’ve decided I’m going to start a series called Weekly Beauty Bargains. Basically, I’m always spotting discounted makeup for a fraction of the original price on many different beauty websites so I thought I’d share them with all of you lovely people so you too can join in on the bargains. At the moment I’m going to split them up by website/shop but I may also post a general round up of all the goodies to be had from various sites. I thought I’d kick things off with the Daddy of discount makeup sites, Fragrance Direct.
Weekly Beauty Bargains | Fragrance Direct 07.02.2014

I know I mentioned these in my recent Fragrance Direct haul but a few of you said that they only had Turquoise Forever left. Anyway, as I was browsing the site this morning I noticed they have the shades back in stock from the other day so if you wanted to pick some up the other day but missed out, I’d hurry over as I’m not sure how long they’ll be on the site for at this price.

Becca Sheer Foundation Stick (Various shades) – £4.99

If you’re not too familiar with Becca, it’s a makeup brand that consists of many products which are normally pretty pricey. I must say I was pretty shocked to see them on Fragrance Direct but after having a snoop on the Becca site, I’ve learnt that they are relaunching which could explain for them getting rid of stock. Anyway, this Foundation Stick is available in quite a few shades, I’d say more suitable for those with darker complexions however, there’s nothing stopping you from using it to contour if it’s a smidgen too dark for you. The Sheer Foundation Sticks normally retails at £32.00 which means you save a whopping £27.01.

Korres Wild Rose Foundation in WRF2 – £3.50

Another big brand that I’ve recently spotted on the site is Natural Greek brand, Korres. I’ve personally not tried any Korres products but I’ve heard great things from various bloggers and YouTubers. Although this foundation is only in one shade, at £3.50 it’s a risk worth taking if you’re say a make up artist who can make use of various shades of foundation. The normally retails at £18.45 so you’re saving a good £14.95.


I’ve not actually heard of this brand before but a bargain powder for setting foundation is good in my eyes. I’m actually debating whether to get this in Classic Ivory or Soft Pink as I’m torn between the two. This powder normally retails at £34.00 so you save £30.01 which I’d say is a good deal.


Dr Lewinns ReNuNail Sensitive Nail Strengthener – £4.95

I’ve heard LOADS of people rave about this nail product but the price has always put me off. At the moment
my nails are in a little bit of a mess. They are highly prone to snapping and splitting so maybe it’s time I picked
up this strengthener to see if it can work some magic on my talons. This product normally retails at £13.00 so
you save £8.05.
I absolutely adore these eyeshadows. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy and I really like the overall look
once on my lids. There’s lots of shades available still including Forever Pink which is a favourite of mine. The
eyeshadows normally retail at £6.99 so you save £5.49 which is a good deal in my opinion.


Another Becca product that Fragrance Direct have up for grabs is this combination between a tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation. If they had the product in a shade suitable for my skintone I’d snap one up but they currently only have more tanned, deeper shades available. The Luminous Skin Colour normally retails at £35.00 so you save £29.01 which is quite a big saving.

OPI Nicole by O.P.I Texture Coat Nail Lacquer – £2.99

It’s not often you see OPI super discounted (Last time I spotted OPI Crackle Polishes in Poundland of all places which I thought was a lucky and very rare find) And most recently I spotted these texture coats going at a ridiculous price on FD. They usually retail at £12.00 so you save £9.01.
I really quite rate L’Oreal products, especially their lippies. One line I haven’t tried is Colour Riche. I’m tempted to pick up a few of these to see if they’re any good. I’ve particularly got my eye on Plum Passion which kinda reminds me of MAC’s Rebel. These lipsticks normally retail at £7.99 so you save £6.00.


Becca Eye Colour Powder Shimmer (Various shades) – £4.99

Ah yes, another Becca product. These eyeshadows are available in quite naturals, wearable shades such as soft pinks and beige colours. They usually retail at £19.00 so you save £14.01. Not bad.

Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Cream Eyeshadow (Various shades) – £1.99

I’ve actually got a couple of these cream shadows and I must say, they’re not bad. They aren’t as good as the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in my opinion but they are close and well worth checking out as they make great bases for powder eyeshadow. These Eyeshadows normally retail at £15.50 so you save yourself £13.51 which is a good saving.

Bourjois Eye Pearls Quintet (Various shades) – £2.99

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I always tend to skip buying Bourjois eyeshadows. I don’t exactly know why I do it but I think at £2.99, it’s the perfect time for me to give their shadows a whirl. They normally retail at £8.99 so you save £6.00.
Have you spotted any Fragrance Direct bargains recently?

Shannon xo
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  • Jannatul JFR

    Love the new series♥

  • Kimberley Johnson

    The Maybelline Color Tattoo's are amazing!

    Kimberley x

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  • Amy

    That lipstick shade looks absolutely divine, I'm going to take a browse on Fragrance Direct right now! Thanks for bringing such bargains to my attention! xx

  • Laura Lages

    This feature is so great i'm really looking forward to other editions! It's very interesting 🙂

  • fullafizzy

    im a fragrance direct lover, but i only go on there to buy, so thanks for doing some browsing for me and making me open my purse strings, lol

    • Me too, I absolutely love the website. Oopsies, sorry lovely! 😉 xo

  • Susan Race

    This is a brilliant idea!! I'm probably too late for most of it now, but I'm definitely going to see if I can get some of those nail polishes!

    • Fingers crossed they'll have some left for you Susan 🙂 xo