Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3

Want to know what I think of the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette vs the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette?
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3

Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Strange
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Strange
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Dust
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Dust
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Burnout
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Burnout
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Limit
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Limit
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Buzz
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Buzz
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Trick
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Trick
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Nooner
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Nooner
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Liar
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Liar
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Factory
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Factory
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Mugshot
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Mugshot
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Darkside
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Darkside
Dupe Alert? Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 | Blackheart
Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Urban Decay Blackheart
As much as I love my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and as pretty as it is, I still feel at £37.00 it did cost a lot of money, especially for something that you’re essentially applying to your face and then later washing it off. Now the colour selection in the Naked 3 Palette is superb, it contains a whole host of beautiful shades which as mostly pink toned neutrals which you don’t see too often (Well I don’t anyway) but let’s get back to the price, it’s not exactly purse friendly or to everyone’s budget, is it? Well there’s now a £4.00 dupe of the market from brand new cosmetic company Makeup Revolution.
The palette is called Iconic 3 and contains 12 shades which are unbelievably identical to those in the famous Naked 3 palette. How similar you ask? Well in terms of shade they’re uncanny. The only shades that I feel are a little off are Nooner, which simply has slightly poorer pigmentation which makes it a little harder to work with. Factory which is a smidgen lighter and Blackheart which doesn’t contain as much glitter and isn’t as pigmented but apart from those three, the rest are pretty much spot on. Texture? Well the Urban Decay shades do have better quality due to the Makeup Revolution colour being a little on the crumbly side which can cause slight fall out but it’s not anything major that can’t be tackled with a decent primer and let’s be honest here, when you compare the two and take into consideration that if you purchase the Makeup Revolution palette you save yourself £33.00, I think it’s pretty darn good for the price.
What’s your favourite budget neutral eyeshadow palette?
  • Stephanie Maverick

    YAY! I've been doubting buying the Naked 3 as the Naked 2 colours work so well for my complexion. So I'll be able to give these colours a try for much less! Thanks! X

    • You're very welcome Stephanie 🙂 xo

    • LozzyLovesLippy

      wish I had read this one before placing my order!! Would have ordered this because I'm the same about the Naked 3 and love my naked 2 x

    • It's an absolute bargain and so, so identical to the Naked 3 🙂 xo

  • Rebecca Barnes

    Oh my gosh this dupe is unbelievable. Nearly all the colours match up, I just cant get my head over how
    good ths dupe is! Great find 🙂
    Becca x

    • I honestly couldn't believe it when I first looked at it 🙂 xo

  • babyteeth

    That is such a good dupe! I can't justify getting the Urban Decay palette but I think I will get this! Thanks 🙂

  • A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl

    Wow I can't get over how similar they are that's amazing. I think this might just be the best dupe I've seen of any product!

    Hannah xxx

    • They're unbelievably similar, I still can't quite believe it xo

  • Lucy Cole

    Not bad!! Would love to give this palette a go xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  • Ruby Barton

    Oh my god that is an exact dupe! The colours are pretty much spot on and for only £4.00! That is amazing 🙂

    Roo xx

  • Sammeh Williamson

    As pretty as they are I really can't justify spending so much money on eye shadow. I'm more of a high street kind of girl who splashes out every now and again on high end products when the sales are on.

    The make-up Revolution palette is uncanny to Urban decays naked 3. In my opinion I really wouldn't care for a bit of fall out if it meant I saved £33.00. Imagine what else you could buy with that!

    Great post sweet 🙂

    Sammeh x

    • You're totally right Sammeh! xo

    • Indie by heart

      My thoughts exactly ! 😀 I've started to use moist brush / applicator to apply eye shadows, almost every time since no matter the price or brand since there's always some fall outs otherwise. And my friend just got the Naked 2 and she said there's fall outs! So why pay almost 10 times more for pretty much identical product. 😀

      xx Satu

    • I find my Naked 3 palette has a lot less fall out but to be fair when the Makeup Revolution palette is so much cheaper, I really don't mind 🙂 xo

  • Kate Wilson

    i love the colours from make up revolution!

    • Me too, they're fast becoming a favourite brand of mine xo

  • It’s a blondiie thing!

    Love the look of this, such a good dupe and for the price.

    Kristy | http://itsablondiiething.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Neja Ribnikar

    wow, how cool is that. I wanted to buy Naked 3 but it is really a little too pricey for me. Thank you for this review!

  • Sarah Shaw

    I don't believe it! It is nearly exactly the same as the Naked 3!! Wil definitely go and buy that, thanks for the review xx

  • Daisy Jalisa

    wow it's really similar! great find! i love my ud3 palette as well but i would have definitely gone with the cheaper item if i had the choice. wish this brand was in the states!

    <3, Daisy

    • I know exactly what you mean Daisy, I would have done the same if it was released earlier. Fingers crossed Makeup Revolution will branch out to the US in the near future 🙂 xo

  • Life of Verity

    This is such a good find! For such a cheaper price you expect there to be a slight quality different but the shades are so spot on xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

    • I know, it's really, really good. Definitely worth £4.00 xo

  • Jane Pomfret

    This brand looks really good, never heard of them before x

    • I really recommend checking them out Jane, they do some really great products at such affordable prices xo

  • Hester Lierre

    Wow! They're practically identical! Thanks for the post.

    I don't have a favourite budget palette, but I do like Stila's In The Light. Not budget, but worth it, I think.

    • Amazing ey? 🙂 I've been eyeing up Stila's In The Light palette for ages! xo

  • Rachel

    Wowza! With the exception of Nooner, those palettes are identical!

  • Amazing find! £4 too! Thankyou, I'll be buying this!

  • Laura Lages

    I've bought the Makeup Revolution palette a couple of weeks ago and quite honestly i haven't used anything else for my eye looks ever since! I don't have Naked3 so i thought it was a great product to try and get the rosey toned shades that at first didn't convince me but now i love them! And i'm so glad i did! I mean i love UD, and their quality is well known and undeniable but i agree with you when you say they ain't purse friendly and since i already have Naked2 i thought i skip Naked3 and give this dupe a try! I love it and i think a good primer makes these shades last a long time and look beautiful so i couldn't be more satisfied!

    • It's such a good palette isn't it? It's defo great for those who want to try out the Naked 3 but maybe haven't or simply cannot afford it. Personally if the Makeup Revolution Palette was launched when the Naked 3 came out, I'd defo have just purchased it instead of the Naked 🙂 xo

  • Amy Barden

    Those colours are pretty much spot on! I love my naked 3 but I found a dupe in the w7 in the buff palette, and I probably use that more than the naked palette. Got to love finding a good dupe 🙂 great post xx


    • I totally agree Amy! 🙂 I have the W7 In The Buff palette too after hearing it was a great dupe for the Naked palette 🙂 xo

  • Michelle

    This is amazing! As dupes for Naked 1 +2, I had ordered the MUA Undressed Palettes 1+2. I wanted to wait for their third dupe, but seems like there already is a pretty perfect one (for the same pricing). Thanks so much for comparing! If you wouldn't have bought the Naked 3, we would probably never have seen such perfect swatches.
    Greetz from Germany, Michelle

  • Helen Davis

    Wow this looks like the perfect dupe! I'll definitely be purchasing this one to try out before I take the plunge with the real thing! Thanks for the heads up ^_^

    Helen x

  • Denise Herzfeld

    I seriously can't wait to try these pallettes they look incredible!

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    amazing makeup that is popular here in the philippines!

  • Kate Lindsay

    AHHH I wish I could get this in the US. Do they do international shipping?

  • Laura Jones

    Just ordered this, can't wait for it to arrive!!!

    • Ooo I'd love to hear your thoughts on it once it's arrived 🙂 xo

  • Elaine Yim

    wow, that is a great review!! Where can I get this "dupe" palette?? I've never seen it around? Unless I'm not looking properly in Boots and Superdrug..

    • Thank you Elaine! I think at the moment it's only available online from the Makeup Revolution and Superdrug websites xo

  • English Rose

    Wow thanks so much for doing the comparisons in the swatches, I was going to get this but I wasn't sure if it was worth it but now I know 🙂

  • JaeyDar J.

    I was told about this company a while back by a friend and hadn't purchased due to me just being fussy BUT i will be purchasing now – glad I found your blog – will be purchasing!!!!!

  • Jessica Hayes

    I absolutely adore you for finding this. It is such an amazing dupe! When my Naked 3 runs out I will definitely get my hands on this xx

  • Emma W

    This make up palette from Makeup Revolution is definitely very similar to the Urban Decay one… I wonder where they go their inspiration? haha 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this palette I have yet to try an Urban Decay Naked palette and so I am always looking for dupes 🙂

  • Sarah Lauren

    I've noticed you've got lots of posts on Makeup Revolution, while I'm trying to decide which products to buy your posts have been super helpful, especially this one. I've wanted a naked pallette for some time now & well I'm definitely purchases this tonight 😀

    -sarah xo

  • vanessa King

    Fab review!

  • cristi andreea

    I love this palette

  • georgina davies

    I haven't actually tried this yet but would say the colours certainly look like a very similar dupe!

  • Nina

    Cant believe how small the difference is! Was convinced that Makeup Revolution had bad copys… WOW! Thanks for this!

  • Joy Ann

    A little late to the party, but thank for this post. I can now get my hands on the 'Naked 3' Palette for £4 🙂

    Joy-Ann | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • ashleymarie

    So similar!! Thanks for this.

  • Zara Tenc

    Great review!

  • Rachel Roar

    Wow, that's an amazing dupe!! The quality looks quite good as well! xx

  • Beverley

    Looks amazing!

  • Katie Ann

    Oooh great swatches! I definitely need to try this, wasn't sure if the rose-gold tones of the Naked 3 would suit me so going to try the Makeup Revolution dupe to see if I like them 🙂 Fab review xx

  • Coline T.

    I like both, it's very similar! 🙂

  • Helena Oops

    Great review!
    Lovely shades!

  • Jen L

    This is the kind of advise that i love from a make up bluffer, thanks so much Shannon!

  • Sam Williams

    Great looking palettes, and a great review. Thanks!

  • Bethany W

    I finally bought the Iconic 3 and love it! Naked palettes aren't in my budget!

  • The Urban decay has such awesome shades. I really love those shades. 🙂

  • BeautyGeek xoxo

    i read this and i literally went out and bought the Iconic 3 palette as i cannot afford to buy Urban Decay and reading that this was a great drugstore dupe i had to pick it up and give it a go<3

  • anthony harrington

    interesting, my Wife loves these palettes but has never bought one as they are far to expensive, have made a note of Makeup Revolution.

  • Terrie-Ann Wright

    this is a massive money saver, thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Sherry P

    I love dupe posts! Economical posts just rock my boat 🙂


    Wow thanks so much

  • mimikatepupu

    Thank you! This is a great dupe find! 🙂

  • Yuen Lim

    I really need to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution palette – looks like such a good dupe!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – fashion, beauty & lifestyle

  • Megan Adams

    Wow – thats quite a difference in price! Thank you. Don't have to save my pennies for this one.

  • Daisy Carter

    I love this palette! Which shades do you wear most often and have you tried anything else from Revolution? xo

  • Morgana DeLarge

    Real dupe, thank you for sharing!!

  • angel snowflower

    Thanks for sharing this dupe! I didn't notice the resemblance until you shared 😉

    <a href="http://thesnowflowerrr.blogspot.com/>TheSnowFlowerrr | Beauty & Makeup Blog </a>

  • Jenny Wilson | That Northern Gal

    If I didn't already own Naked 3, this would be an amazing dupe! The shades are really good matches xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  • Gadis Ps

    It's exactly the same! Thank for sharing


  • Luminous Angel

    Wow the colours between these two are so similar! Thanks for the heads up! 😉

  • caroline tokes

    cant believe how similar they are will deff be investing in 1 myself

  • Julie Carwardine

    My youngest daughter is a MUA for Urban Decay and I am afraid I have become an eyeshadow snob! I have the Naked 3 palette and I adore it! However I agree this is fairly close in shade and brilliant for a budget. I am looking forward to Makeup Rev' being installed in my local Superdrug as I am always on the look out for cheaper but good quality make up. I am allergic to parabens though (my skin hates me) so my purchase will be based on this also. xxx

  • Sania Wasif

    Amazing, i am craving for it 🙂

  • Sandra Watts

    I appreciate your honest reviews. I like the color palette but the price I believe is a little much.

  • ilaria carraro

    great dupe!

  • Yeah, now I am definitely sticking to my Makeup revolution one. I always wanted to get an Urban Decay, however I do not really wear eyeshadow so I did not see the point in making such a big investment. Thanks for sharing this! You save my pocket some tears 🙂