Review | ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

Want to hear my thoughts on the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray?
Review | GHD Style Heat Protect Spray

I’m a big fan of straightening my hair and I’ve even recently got into curling my hair. Along with blow drying I’m certainly using a lot of heat on my head and because of this I find a heat protection spray is essential for keeping my hair in tip top condition and heat damage to a minimum.

Recently I’ve been trying out the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray. At £9.95 for 120ml it certainly isn’t the most affordable or purse friendly product on the market however, at the same time it isn’t ridiculously priced. But does it do the trick? Well the product claims to provide an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on both damp and dry hair. Because of this claim I used the spray before I blow dried my hair with my hair dryer and on my dry hair before straightening and curling. When used for all methods I felt like it did a great job at protecting my hair and gave it a nice shine. Better than my other heat protection sprays? Most certainly so. I found the ghd product to be significantly lighter, so much so that I could barely detect the product in my hair apart from the nice scent that it left behind. Now ghd do claim that the Style Heat Protect Spray is meant to give a “no product” feel but I find lots of companies throw this claim around left, right and centre when to be honest, I find it is rarely the case but on this occasion I can definitely nod along with the claim and can definitely understand how you can easily layer products when using the spray without getting an over the top, heavy look. It also in no way, shape or form made my hair feel greasy which I found a massive plus.
The only thing I will say is that I did found I had to use quite a bit of the spray to cover my locks. I think this could have been due to the spray being so light and because well lets face it, I have a huge amount of hair on my head that is no only very long, but also very, very thick. This meant that I ended up using the spray quicker than I had imagined. ghd do recommend using 6-8 sprays for mid-to long hair but I can definitely say I used more as to me 8 sprays didn’t quite feel enough to cover my mop. This wasn’t a huge issue as the spray its self performed very well for me but if I were to repurchase I’d definitely have to consider buying more than one can to ensure I don’t run out any time soon which could prove a little expensive, especially when nowadays when I’m trying to keep my spending to a minimum for more grown up things, like moving out into my own home.
What is your favourite heat protect product?
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