Review | W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher

Want to know my thoughts on the W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher?
Review | W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher

Review | W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher
Review | W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher Swatch
W7 have always been one of those brands which I’ve enjoyed using ever since I first got into makeup however, I do often feel like they’re quite an underrated brand and often overlooked by many. I’m not sure if this is because they’re so affordable so people assume the quality is bad, because there are simply better quality brands which people would prefer to pay more for, or because people are just maybe a bit unsure of their products. If you’re sitting there thinking, “yeah that is me” I seriously urge you to give them a whirl as they may just surprise you. I’m not going to sit here, lie and say the quality will blow your mind as they’re not the best on the market but they do have some absolute gems which have really impressed me. Some of my favourite products from them are the In The Nude Eye Colour Palette (It’s said to be a fab dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette) and the Perfect Eyes Eyes Shadows (They’re amazingly pigmented and incredibly buttery!)
I’m also a fan of their cheek products hence the reason behind buying the Honeycomb Blusher. The W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher retails at £2.99 for 8g. As with many of the W7 boxed blushes and bronzers, it seems to have taken a little shall we say, inspiration from one of the Benefit Boxed Powders. Which one? Well although not entirely the same it does have some similarities in terms of shade appearance to the Benefit Rockateur Powder. However, I haven’t tried the Benefit product so I’m not 100% of how similar they actually are when on the skin. But what I can tell you is that this product is a little odd. Is it the formula? The packaging? Nope it is the shade that I’m talking about. In the box the product consists of peach, beige, coral and lilac hexagons, which create a sort of honeycomb effect which I’ll admit, is utterly adorable. Now if you had the time and a small enough brush you could use each colour individually but I simply cannot be bothered when it comes to messing around so I get my trusty blush brush and swirl all the colours together. The result? A lovely shimmery sort of peachy blush which I can’t decide whether it is more blush, bronzer or highlighter like. What I can tell you is that on the skin it is very natural but the shimmer creates a beautiful brightening effect which is very pretty. The formula its self is a little on the powdery side which I always expect with more affordable blushes but it is very silky and blends like a dream. The pigmentation is good but not too intense which is something I actually like as it means I can build it up rather than having to be careful and light handed to avoid bold cheeks.
Oh and can we all just take a moment to appreciate the utterly fabulous packaging? I know it is a bit well, tacky but I just love the thought behind it and although the cardboard packaging isn’t the most luxurious and it probably would get battered if I were to pop it in my bag, so far it has kept the powder inside in tact.
Are you a W7 fan?
Shannon xo
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  • daisychain

    I love W7 for some things, like nail polish yet haven't been a fan of eye products like mascara. I do like the look of this so might brave it! x

  • Jordan Hathaway

    I got this recently & really like it 🙂 It's so easy to wear isn't it, goes with any kind of look 🙂 x


  • W7 definitely makes some pretty good bits for a decent price. This seems pretty good so will have to keep an eye out for it. I think I may buy the Nude Eye palette if it's a Naked 2 dupe, I have a W7 huge palette at the moment that has served me well.

  • Aerie Berrie

    Ive never tried W7! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  • Alisha

    Never heard of this brand before, is it only in the UK? Now I wanna try it!

    Ali |

  • Samantha Marriott

    Really pretty, love how light it is!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  • Louise H

    Hey Gorge x I've just bought this today x Whilst the design is like Rockateur the shades are almost identical to Sugarbomb my fave blush /bronzer at the moment. Rockateur has a lot more shimmer x Just a heads up to anyone in the north east x the cheap make up stall in the Metro Centre is selling this for just £1.99 🙂

  • Just off to order that… I got some gorgeous W7 items to review recently, I've always liked them but I am in Love with the mascara they sent me. I clearly need more of their products to make sure I'm doing enough research 😉

  • myfairdaily

    Adding this to my want list the next time I do a box exchange with one of my blogger friends from the UK!

  • jasmine turner

    Looks identical to Benefit Sugarbomb! Will definitely be purchasing this soon!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  • India Benjamin

    Ah the packaging is so cute! I really like blush that acts as a highlighter kind of thing, really brightens the face!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  • Kate Wilson
  • georgina davies

    I love the brand they are real good but totally agree with you that they end up mega under rated for some reason, i think it's because like you say they are a budget brand so people assume poor quality xx

  • Hannah Butterworth

    W7 are a brand I've seen on Amazon for years and always wanted so much of their brand but never placed an order for anything, definitely gonna have to try some of their stuff soon!

    Hannah x

  • Christine Lall

    I don't really use blusher, I don't think it suits me :/

  • MaRy Michaelidou

    I love those box-blushes!!! Kisses

  • Cutie Candy Pop

    some serious Benefit influence right there but without the hefty price tag!