Dunelm Mill Homeware Haul

Want to see what goodies I recently ordered from Dunelm Mill?
Dunelm Mill Homeware Haul

Rose and Ellis Clarendon Collection Set of 4 Placemats | Rose and Ellis Claredon Collection Set of 4 Coasters
Rose and Ellis Clarendon Collection Set of 4 Placemats – £4.99 | Rose and Ellis Claredon Collection Set of 4 Coasters – £1.99
Vintage Collection Hanging Heart Bathroom Sign
Candy Rose Floral Collection Jug | Rose and Ellis Clarendon Collection Biscuit Canister | Maison Chic Mini Jug
Candy Rose Floral Collection Jug – £6.99 | Rose and Ellis Clarendon Collection Biscuit Canister – £8.99 | Maison Chic Mini Jug – £1.99
Candy Rose Collection Rectangular Roaster | Candy Rose Collection Measuring Cups | Maison Chic Collection Salt and Pepper Mill
Candy Rose Collection Rectangular Roaster – £6.99 | Candy Rose Collection Measuring Cups – £9.99 | Maison Chic Collection Salt and Pepper Mill – £2.99
Candy Rose Collection Tea Towels
Pink Dreams Printed Canvas
Pink Dreams Printed Canvas – £6.99
Early morning last Saturday I placed an order with Dunelem Mill. If you’re not aware of who Dunelm are, they’re basically a company who have been around for over 30 years and offer a wide range of affordable home ware goods. They have 140 stores across the UK and Northern Ireland but funnily enough I’ve never, ever visited a store as I wasn’t even aware that there were any in my neck of the woods however, it turns out my nearest store is in Sunderland which is around 20 miles from me so it isn’t near but it isn’t far. Having said that I am a bit of a house hermit, I don’t drive and I’m not a big fan of travelling if it isn’t absolutely necessary so ordering online is ideal for myself. So as I previously mentioned I placed my order very early on Saturday and received my order confirmation which stated I’d receive my goods on Friday 22nd however, they arrived this morning safe and sound delivered lovingly by courier so you can imagine I am one happy Shannon today.
I feel like I’ve mentioned this a gazillion times now, but I am moving in with Marc in the near future (Yes, I’m going to be living with a boy and I won’t have my mam to rely on to do my washing and cook my tea, so much responsibility!) Anyway, as I have been granted free rein of designing the kitchen and the bathroom, I’ve took it upon myself to transform the boring rooms into heavenly floral spaces (sorry Marc!) The first things I spotted were the matching placemat and coaster set. They reminded me so much of Cath Kidston but without the price tag so they quickly got added to my virtual basket. I then spied a cute heart shaped Bathroom sign which is simply adorable. Then I went a bit jug crazy by adding a large gorgeous flowery jug into my order followed by a teeny tiny cute little vintage looking gem. A biscuit canister also got added because lets face it, this kitchen just needed more floral print. Continuing with the feminine theme I spotted a roaster dish which is ideal for lasagne. Matching measuring cups, you know to measure stuff and a salt and pepper shaker set. For the last of the kitchen goodies I picked up a two piece tea towel set. Now on the website the pattern of these looked totally different and I was under the assumption that I’d receive two flower print towels so pulling the gingham one out of the box had me scratching my head a bit. Nevertheless I love both prints and I’m sure they’ll come in handy when I inevitably spill something.
The last item I got was a canvas. Now I love a good inspirational quote (I’ve been known to share one or two over on Instagram) so this was right up my street. AND it has floral print on it. What could be better? I reckon this will be going above our bed in our cutesy little bedroom.
Are you a Dunelm Mill fan?
Shannon xo
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  • Kate Musgrove

    Everything is so pretty. Seen a few hauls from this store and I love the vintage vibe they have going on, plus everythings super affordable too x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • Georgia Freeman

    Love these bits..so cute and florally…and affordable too! thanks for sharing these with us! xx

  • – Karen

    So many lovely pieces! I see what you mean about them being Cath Kidston-esque! Such affordable prices! 🙂

    Style Sunrise☀


  • Pam’s Stuff and Things

    Love Dunelm Mill and love all the bits that you have bought. I would have gotten all the same things and love the print on the place mats 🙂

    Pam @ pamsstuffandthings.blogspot.com

  • Natalie Harrison

    I love dunelm mills!! Its amazing for bedding and fabric :), would love to see your purchases being used in a photo of your kitchen!

  • Alex Howe

    These are so cute! Always seem to be able to get some really cute stuff at Dunelm Mill, it's where I got my makeup storage from which is actually stationary storage but works perfectly and is so pretty to.

  • Zara Chauhan

    agh! loving it all! The print is sooooo me too! May have to check this out!


  • Italian Blogger


  • Jenny K

    I love Dunelm Mill at the moment, and would love the chance to have a free rein in there to buy whatever I wanted haha. We actually have those coasters at home- I had no idea where they came from until I saw this post! It's such a great shop for picking up bits and pieces. My most recent purchase was cushions that I could then make covers for 🙂
    Jennifer xxx

  • Dani Martin

    I just love this pattern it's so cute. I bought a mug from the set a few weeks ago. Love the canvas too, so pretty 🙂

  • Neesha

    Oh god I'm so jealous! I love a homeware haul but right now can't afford a thing! <3

    Reinventing Neesha

  • Aerie Berrie

    love the pattern! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  • Maquillage Magic

    All this stuff is adorable! You can not go wrong with Dunelm Mill, I love it there!!

    Laura xx


  • Emma Everleigh

    Gorgeous items! I love Dunelm Mill. They are great for affordable, stylish cushions. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  • Emma Matthews

    Such cute pieces! They almost remind me of the Cath Kidson range.

    Emma x

  • Cristy

    I love dunelm, you can always find such lovely things in there xx


  • Milly Youngman

    These are so cute! Very Cath Kidston, without the expensive price tag. I don't actually have a Dunelm Mill near me, but when I visit my parents I'm going to be heading to The Range, which is pretty similar 🙂

    Milly // Mini Adventures


    The floral patterns are really sweet & feminine, sort of Laura Ashley meets Cath Kidston!

  • Joanna Victoria -x

    loving all the floral's

  • Penelope Hannibal

    I love going to Dunelm, it's sell quality items cheaply whats not to love?

  • Ezzy

    Love the Candy Rose collection <3

  • 1806louise

    I'd heard of Dunelm but didn't realise their prices were so low, I love your choices they look so bright and cheerful.

  • prwilson

    I like Dunelm – they have some nice stuff.

  • Irina G.

    Pretty pieces! The print is so cute!)

  • Michaela Palmer

    In love with all the dainty flowers! Dunelm Mill is actually a shop I have completely forgotten about thank you for reminding me!

  • Kanika Justa

    wow!! all things are so pretty and girly!! I loved the floral designs, especially, the costers.

  • Beverley

    Very pretty and girly!

  • Jessica Hayes

    The flowers, the hearts, I think my brain is about to explode! I love all of this stuff too much. Great alternative to Cath Kidston 🙂 all are great buys xxx

  • Heather Haigh

    I do like Dunhelm Mill and I love the rose collection.

  • Everything is lovely, so similar to Cath Kidston. I may have to make a trip

  • kaytee

    Dunelm do some really gorgeous bits!

  • Kevin Smith

    Great shop! They usually have a nice cafe too…

  • Louise H

    Beautiful stuff hun x I love the shabby chic look of all of it xx Scary but so exciting moving in with Marc good luck hun and keep my posted xx

  • Stephanie Jones

    what a lovely haul post, i love Dunelm Mill especially their teddy bear fleece cushions and throws.

  • rebecca nisbet

    love these floral bits!

  • Lucys Stash

    You got so many pretty things! I think I'll have to visit Dunhelm's soon!

  • Zoey H

    Fab haul from great shop that has reasonable prices