eBay Wishlist #5

Want to see what eBay goodies I’m lusting after?
eBay Wishlist #5
1. Cake Stand – £11.44 | 2. Retro Vintage Stripe Straws – £2.49 | 3. Bath and Body Works Banana Nutmeg Bread Candle – £16.00 | 4. 11 Piece Wooden Makeup Brush Set – £8.99 | 5. Floral Clutch Bag – £6.49 | 6. Lipstick Organiser – £2.69 | 7. Daisy Necklace |  8. Lace Off The Shoulder Tshirt – £5.96 | 9. The Complete SEO 2014 and Beyond Book – £12.17 | 10. White Platform Shoes – £19.99 | 11. Triangle Pendant Necklace – £2.99

Recently I placed an order on eBay for a gorgeous two tier cake stand. To cut a long story short, I stupidly didn’t check the sellers feedback and two weeks later I still have not received my item. To say I’m annoyed is an understatement but thanks to eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, fingers crossed I’ll get my money back. So now that I’ve accepted that my item isn’t going to show, I’ve been on the hunt for another cake stand and I came across the above beauty from the Homebase clearance eBay store.  At £7.49 with £3.95 delivery it is a steal in my eyes. You may be thinking I’m after a cake stand for showing off my baked cupcakes and other goods. Wrong. I actually want one to house all my bath bombs and other treats. I know some people will find the idea a little weird and bizarre but whilst browsing Pinterest I’ve discovered many people store their bath products this way and it certainly looks super cute.The next thing I’m lusting after are these gorgeous striped retro paper straws. A bit random, I know however, I recently bought some Kilner jars (the ones with handles, not the lids) and I really want to make some smoothies, milkshakes and mocktails and I thought rather than using boring old plain straws, I thought I could jazz the drinks up with these straws. The next thing I spotted was the Bath and Body Works Banana Nutmeg Bread candle. I’ve heard absolutely great things about Bath and Body Works candles but sadly we don’t have the brand over here (Although I live in hope that one day they will decide to hit the UK market) My favourite candles at the moment would definitely have to be from Bomb Cosmetics (I have the Pink Rhubarb and Blackberry Candle burning as I type, it smells incredible!) Although they are great I’m really, really intrigued by the B and BW scents, hence why I’d like to give the Banana Nutmeg Bread one a whirl.

I’ve also been lucking at ordering some pretty self explanatory items like the wooden make up brush set, because lets face it, a gal can never have too many brushes. The floral clutch which looks perfect for evenings out with the boyfriend and the family when I don’t fancy taking a big bag. I then added a acrylic style lipstick holder to my wishlist. I actually already have one of these but with an ever growing lippy collection, I’m beginning to seriously run out of space for them all. I also spotted a adorable daisy flower necklace which the floral obsessed lady within me just loves. I then found the cute off the shoulder lace tshirt which is simple yet very pretty and elegant. I also found some wonderful white chunky heels. Now normally I am not a heel girl and I look like Bambi on ice when I try and walk in them but they’re just screaming out to me. Who knows, I may impulsively buy them one day and attempt practicing walking in them… I also came across a lovely, simple triangle pendant necklace which would go really well with so many outfits. Oh and last but not least I came across The Complete SEO 2014 and Beyond Book. As SEO is something that really interests me and I do a little as part of my job, I’m always keen to learn more about it so what better way to do so than with a good old book.

What eBay goodies are you currently lusting after?
Shannon xo
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  • Rachel Simpson

    Love those shoes, they are so cute! I need one of those lipstick organizers! xo


  • Dani Martin

    Hi Shannon, I fell in love with the little gold bow rings from your last ebay wishlist and ordered it straight, it finally arrived yesterday but sadly it was a let down, the picture makes it look a lot nicer and better quality than it actually is 🙁 Oh well you win some you loose some, and it was only 99p after all!

    • Oh no! I'm so so sorry lovely 🙁 I'll be sure to avoid those rings xo

  • Maquillage Magic

    Lace top is so pretty!!

    Laura xx


  • Emma Everleigh

    I think the cake stand will look great with your bath bombs etc on there! Love those straws and that daisy necklace is also on my wishlist. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  • Nisah

    I have the 11 piece wooden brush set and it's a bizarre one for me lol the bristles are synthetic and soft but I find it very hard to use eyeshadows with. The face brushes are nice though, except for the small kabuki which sometimes loses its bristles. Hopefully it's just mine 🙂

  • fullafizzy

    awesome picks, i've added some to my basket 😉

  • Emma Coakes

    I have the exact same wooden make up brushes, I love them, i think they are brilliant quality for the price but i have to agree with Nisah, they are difficult to use with eyeshadows. xxx

  • Kirstie Saunders

    That candle sounds so yummy!

    Kirstie || A Yellow Brick Blog

  • Kevin Smith

    Cool straws! My kids would love those

  • Annabel B

    I'm rubbish with Ebay so I wish I had the patience to bid etc. The candle sounds divine!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • georgina davies

    Bath and body works are the absolute best I wish we could get them here x

  • Mary-Ann Lusmore

    As soon as I read this post on my phone last night I ordered the lipstick holder! I was so glad to find a cheap one, really can't wait for it to come!
    Mary-Ann xx
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  • Dani Martin

    Hi Shannon, very imprressed with the lippy holder. Would it fit nail polish bottles or do you have any suggestions what I could use? My niece has the most gorgeous nails & has dozens of bottles that the cats are always knocking over. All suggestions gratefully received!
    ps: the lacy T is lovely.

    • Hi Kate, I think it may be a smidgen too small for polish bottles. I personally have a polish rack to hold all my nail varnishes which I find great. I got it for Christmas a few years back but I think you can get them on eBay 🙂 xo


      Thanks for the tip – I'll go a-hunting!

  • prwilson

    Like the vintage straws – my gran used to have some just like it.

  • Neesha

    Haha I love the Bambi on ice reference. That's what my boyfriend calls me but when I'm not in heels!!

    Reinventing Neesha

  • Beverley

    Great taste!

  • Kate Thompson

    Loving the look of those ebay brushes!! Might need to invest! lol x

  • Beverley

    Those brushes look fab!