3 Pretty Nude Lipsticks For Pale Skin

3 Pretty Nude Lipsticks For Pale Skin

3 Pretty Nude Lipsticks For Pale Skin | ELF Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph, Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in The One and Makeup Revolution Lip Cream in Move Your Mouth Forever Swatches

Today I thought I’d talk about 3 Pretty Nude Lipsticks For Pale Skin as over the years I’ve somewhat struggled to find shades compatible with my skin tone and complexion. As I know a lot of other pale people also struggle, I thought I’d share three lipsticks that I have found to be compatible with my skin tone.

The first lipstick I want to talk about is a long time favourite of mine and that is the ELF Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph (link) Now when I first purchased this lipstick I actually hated it. Why? Well the lipstick has a very dry texture and really accentuates those annoying dry patches. A lot of people seem to really dislike this lipstick for that reason and its easy to understand why. Having said that, I’ve learnt how to work with the formula and the key really is in the lip prep. I first exfoliate my lips thoroughly and then I apply a generous layer of moisturising lip balm. Sure the lipstick can sometimes dry the lips out by the end of the day, but I find moisturising them really helps. In terms of the colour Natural Nymph is a very pale nude that is said to be a dupe for MAC’s Creme D’Nude. It is a light beige with an ever so slight pink tone to it. It really is a gorgeous shade however, for many people it doesn’t work and gives that “dead” and washed out look. Thankfully it works well for me and I think if you are someone who has a similar complexion to me, this is one of the nude lipsticks for pale skin definitely worth checking out.

The second lipstick to make it into my nude lipsticks for pale skin post is the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in The One (link) Now in comparison to Eyes Lips Face Natural Nymph, this is a slightly darker lippy that would suit those with darker complexions than mine. It still comes across as a nude on me, but one that is a little more colourful than the previous lipstick mentioned. The One is basically a pink toned nude that works really nicely with my cool complexion. It applies really well thanks to its creamy and slightly glossy formula. It also sits well on the lips without drying them out or settling into cracks and clinging to dry areas. The only downside to The One is the fact that it doesn’t last very long due to its formula but for a one pound lipstick, it was kind of to be expected.

And the final lipstick, that technically isn’t a lipstick, to make it into my nude lipsticks for pale skin post is the Makeup Revolution Lip Cream in Move Your Mouth Forever (link) Now I did actually do a full in-depth review of this product a little while ago so be sure to head over to my Makeup Revolution Lip Cream in Move Your Mouth Forever Review to give it a read. What I will say though is that Move Your Mouth Forever is a very peachy au natural shade that contains extremely fine shimmer which comes across as glossy on the lips rather than glittery or sparkly. Personally I prefer my pink toned flesh colours but I can just get away with pulling off this shade. Now one thing that I really should address is the fact that this is not your standard lipstick, instead it is a liquid lippy that you apply like a lip gloss. The feel of the product is very silky and smooth but the downside is that it never really sets to a matte, non budge-able finish like a liquid lipstick should. This means that wear time sadly isn’t up to the usual standard. Having said that, the colour is definitely a pretty shade and one that I think a lot of light-skinned guys and gals would find extremely easy to pull off in comparison to the darker nudes on the market. The only other issue I have to mention is that much like the case with ELF’s Natural Nymph, you do have to ensure that your prepare your lips well before applying. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t really class Move Your Mouth Forever as drying, it still can annoyingly cling to dry skin patches which doesn’t look too good as a final result.

If you find that your lip products do often cling to dry areas and you’re not sure of what exfoliator to use, I highly recommend the LUSH Mint Julips Scrub (link) This is a gentle scrub that has a mint chocolate scent to it. It is one of the best things for buffing away those pesky skin cells so you can achieve the best possible base for your lip products.

So there you have it, three of the lipsticks that I’ve found work for those of us with lighter complexions. If you have any other suggestions of shades that work, please do leave them in the comments as I’d love to discover and try out other potential winners.

What shades do you recommend for pale skinned guys and gals?