Acne Ultra Clear Review

Acne Ultra Clear Review Acne Ultra Clear Review

Spot Fighting Product: Acne Ultra Clear Review

Today I thought I’d chat about a product that I recently received in the post called Acne Ultra Clear. Acne Ultra Clear is basically a day and night cream moisturiser that is said to be great for those with Cystic Acne and spot prone skin. I get approached daily by companies claiming to have come up with a product formula that is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to clearing spots. I’ve tried so many of these types of treatment without success that I now take a lot of these claims with a huge pinch of salt and a firm eye roll. When I was contacted about reviewing Acne Ultra Clear I thought I’d give it a go but I wasn’t expecting too much at all however, after trying out the product I can definitely say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this well formulated cream.

When it comes to my skin it is a little dry but I also suffer from breakouts. On my chin in the past I’ve suffered from Cystic Acne but nowadays it is a lot more calm probably down to medication that I take. I do still suffer from the odd Cystic Acne outbreak but it isn’t too bad, although in an ideal world I’d be happier without the skin breakouts. If you’re not aware of what Cystic Acne actually is, it is an infection in the skin where red tender bumps form under the skin. These bumps in my experience are extremely painful and confidence damaging. The bumps are filled with pus and if they burst the infection can spread causing even more spots. It’s not entirely clear what causes Cystic Acne but it is thought that hormones do play a part as many people who are pregnant, going through the menopause or on their period suffer from breakouts. It’s not only women who suffer from the condition, it is also quite common in men too. 

Anyway, when it comes to my skin and skin care routine one of the biggest challenges I come across is treating my spots and my dry skin at the same time. With Acne and spot clearing product I typically find they either dry the skin out more or they make the skin extremely greasy and shiny. With Acne Ultra Clear this is certainly not the case. The cream is said to be made up of a 100% natural formula and contains fruit oils as well as herbal extracts. I’m no expert when it comes to ingredients but something about this cream just works. In the jar the moisturiser appears to be a thick and yellow coloured cream however, when you moisturise it into the skin it melts into the skin fairly quickly, has a silky non greasy feel and gives a hydrated feel with a slight matte finish. It is really bizarre, but in a good way. In terms of the effectiveness of the cream, I’ve been using Acne Ultra Clear for over a month now and although it hasn’t entirely cured my breakouts it definitely helps a lot with treating them. Before use my skin was extremely red and inflamed but when I use this moisturiser I find it soothes and calms the area and really helps to minimise redness. In terms of the scent it has a fragrance that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s fairly pleasant and reminds me a little of a sweet almond oil kind of aroma but it really is hard to pin point an exact fragrance. In terms of the packaging Acne Ultra Clear comes housed in a sturdy plastic jar which spots a very funky logo which I presume is aimed at the teenage market. Personally I don’t mind the packaging as it gets the job done and doesn’t look too bad at all. 

All in all I’ve got to admit, I really like this product. To be honest, I’m genuinely surprised that this isn’t a more talked about and more raved about product as it is really quite effective. Since using this product I’ve found my skin is certainly in much better condition and in turn I’ve gained an extra amount of confidence in the process. Acne Ultra Clear currently retails at £16.99 and is available to purchase from Amazon (link) if you’d like to save 10%, the company have very kindly provided me with a coupon link. For more of my thoughts on skin products, be sure to check out my skincare reviews.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite spot treatment?

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