Lancome Juicy Shakers Review #Bantheboring

Lancome Juicy Shakers Review Lancome Juicy Shakers Review Swatches

Lancome Juicy Shakers Review #Bantheboring

Recently I was very kindly sent two of the brand new Lancome Juicy Shakers to try out. If you haven’t heard of the Lancome Juicy Shakers, they’re a kind of brand new revolutionary product as they are bi-phased formula lipglosses. If you are unsure of what bi-phased products actually are, they’re basically products that are made up of two different liquids that differ in density. In this case, there is the colour along with a combination of nourishing oils, hence why the two separate when left untouched e.g. the colour pigment goes to the bottom and the oil goes to the top, which is why you really do have to give these lippies a good old shake before applying to the lips.

Now I have tried a couple of different coloured lip oils in the past and whilst they did moisturise my lips, I found the colour pay off to be rather sheer and barely noticeable. As you can imagine I wasn’t really expecting that much from the Lancome Juicy Shakers, however, I have actually been really pleasantly surprised by the two shades I’ve tried out. In terms of the nourishing effect, these really do hit the spot and help to keep my lips feeling nice and soft. Each shaker contains a combo of sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil so it is easy to see how these work so well and give the lips a great plumped up healthy look.

In terms of the colours, I received the shades Freedom Of Peach and Cherry Symphony. Freedom Of Peach is a truly beautiful peachy pink that has gorgeous shimmer running throughout it. On the lips, it comes across as a pink toned nude making it the ideal shade for everyday wear.

Cherry Symphony, a surprisingly gorgeous colour

As for Cherry Symphony, in the packaging, it is a deep red colour that comes across as very vibrant. This is something I’m not really a big fan of. However, on the lips, it appears as a lovely pink. The shade is actually similar to my natural lip colour but a little bolder. Unlike Freedom Of Peach, this shade does not appear to contain any shimmer. If these two shades don’t take your fancy, Lancome have another ten shades available. There’s also one limited edition shade, Mint To Be. This shade is a unique blue colour that appears clear on the lips. However, it gives the teeth a brighter and whiter appearance. 

When it comes to the packaging, the Lancome Juicy Shakers come housed in little cocktail shaker shaped bottles. They are quite cute, small in size and contain 6.5ml which makes them perfect for your handbag although the £18 price tag is a little eye-watering but Lancome products are never really affordable so it isn’t really surprising. The shakers also come with a pointed sponge tip applicator. I find the applicator to apply the product easily and effectively so on that front I really cannot complain. On the lips, the formula feels quite lightweight, not sticky or greasy in the slightest and very softening. Because of the oil formula, the product doesn’t last amazingly well on the lips. But it isn’t what I would consider being poor either.

Pricey, but worth checking out

All in all, I really like the two shades that I’ve tried out. The colours are both pretty and wearable. The formula is nourishing and gives my lips a beautiful plumped up appearance. Plus they smell great, almost like delicious sweeties. The only downside is that they are a bit on the pricey side. Plus you don’t get a lot of product for your money. If you want to try a lip product a little different from other products on the market, these colour oil hybrids are the perfect option. The full range of Lancome Coloured Lip Oils is available to purchase on the Lancome website. Suffer from dry lips like me? Another product you may enjoy is the cheap Superdrug lip moisturising treatment. I like to use this in before applying my Lancome Juicy Shakers.

Have you tried the Lancome Juicy Shakers? What did you think of them?

These products was sent to me for consideration. All thoughts, views and opinions are 100% my own and aren't influenced by any brand, company or individual.