Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner Review

Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner Review

Keeping Your Brushes Free From Bacteria: Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner.

When it comes to my Makeup Revolution Brushes which I mentioned in my April 2016 Favourites, I’ve been keeping them in tip-top condition with the help of the Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner. If you’ve not heard of the Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner essentially it is a spray that is made up of a special formula which claims to keep your makeup brushes clean and free from pesky bacteria. If you read my Why Is It So Important To Wash Your Makeup Brushes? blog post you’ll already know that I always take care of my brushes so this product was really fitting for me to receive. The product currently retails at £5 for 200ml which is pretty great value for money and it is available to purchase from Superdrug online from their website and in stores.

When it comes to these kind of disinfectant sprays I’m always a little put off. This is because they tend to all have strong alcohol scents to them which are something I find incredibly off-putting. However, this spray smells surprisingly fruity and very pleasant. I know this isn’t a major thing for most people but for me being free from pungent scents makes the overall cleaning process a much more bearable task especially since really strong scents can trigger painful migraines. 

Great for quick on the spot cleaning

So does this work? Well, Makeup Revolution claims that this affordable brush cleaner instantly sterilises and disinfects the brushes. This, in turn, is said to prolong the life of your brushes. Whilst I’m no scientist and I don’t have a microscope at hand to check each brush, I will tell you that the overall impression I get is that after use the brushes feel pretty good.

One thing I will say is that this stuff is great for quick on the spot cleaning. If you want to free your eyeshadow brush of a colour ready to use it with another shadow, this stuff is great. It is also great for giving already washed brushes a more “refreshed” feel, particularly if you are a makeup artist using your brushes on clients. However, this product should not replace your weekly brush washing session.

An economical brush cleanser

This stuff can get rid of colour on brushes and gives it a good disinfecting. However, you still want to tackle product build up to minimise your risk of infections like MRSA. You also want to do this to ensure that your brushes stay in the best possible condition. And so you get as much wear out of them as possible. It’s also worth pointing out that when using the spray I find one to two sprays adequate. Thus making this cleaner very economical. The feel of the brushes after use is soft, not dry or greasy but pleasant. The bacterial brush spray doesn’t alter the quality of your brushes nor does it trigger any shedding or damage.

All in all, I cannot fault the Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner. It is extremely good value for money and a bottle is sure to last a decent amount of time. The formula for me works well. Although not the most exciting, I also find the packaging of the product to be very effective. Just remember, if you are planning on purchasing this, it isn’t a product to replace deep cleaning. It is a product to use in conjunction with for the best brush care.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?


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