Beauty Bargain: Technic Contour Stix Review

Technic Contour StixTechnic Contour Stix Swatches

Beauty Bargain: Technic Contour Stix Review

If you read my 10 Newly Discovered Products I’ve Recently Tried blog post then you’ll probably have already spotted the Technic Contour Stix. If not I recently purchased the set of Technic Contour Stix (link) from one of my favourite websites, Fragrance Direct. The Technic Contour Stix are three crayon shaped products designed to contour and highlight.

Each crayon in the kit has a surprisingly creamy texture when in contact with warm skin. When it comes to blending these on the skin if you’re using your fingers you’re probably going to struggle. Instead, I recommend opting for a slightly damp Beauty Blender type sponge. By using this method I find that I can easily blend the product onto my skin with minimal tugging and pulling.

A nice colour selection

When it comes to the colours you obviously get a bronze coloured crayon and a light coloured concealer like stick but you also receive a pearly pink stick. The bronze coloured stick is totally what I expected. It’s warm toned with a slight orange look to it. In an ideal world I’d have liked this shade to be cooler but hey ho. In terms of the concealer coloured stick, it is a lot lighter than my pale skin tone. This is great as it is intended to brighten areas of the face. And lastly, the pearly pink coloured stick is super pretty, sheeny and has a slight gold tone to it. It is perfect for adding glow and shine.

For me, these crayon-like sticks are fantastic value for money. I paid just £2.99 for my set which means each crayon works out at less than one pound. Of course, the crayons do have some slight cons about them. For instance, the light coloured conceal stick can settle in fine lines and emphasise the pores. The crayons don’t last amazingly well on the skin when the weather is very warm. Plus the bronzer stick can sometimes appear unnatural on my skin. However, considering the price they’re well worth trying.

Obviously, these sticks aren’t on par with the likes of MAC products or Charlotte Tilbury offerings but for being so ridiculously cheap they work incredibly well. I for one would definitely repurchase these although I do hope that in future a more cool toned selection becomes available to buy.

Have you tried the Technic Contour Stix? What did you think of the set?