Summer Skincare Essential? Veil Witch Hazel Cream

Veil Witch Hazel Cream

Summer Skincare Essential? Veil Witch Hazel Cream

Now that the Summer is upon us one thing we should be thinking about is our skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and forms a sort of protective barrier for our bodies. It is therefore extremely important that we look after it as much as possible. When it come to the Summer our skin can be exposed to lots of nasty things such as damaging sunburn, stings, bruising and even windburn. Of course, there is a number of things we can carry out to prevent these things from damaging our skin. We can carry out sun protection procedures and avoid doing certain things but sometimes the damage is already done.

One product that I highly recommend checking out for Summer is the Veil Witch Hazel Cream. This stuff is amazing for Summer as it can help treat sunburn, windburn, stings, swellings, and bruising. The product is an emollient cream which means that it helps to prevent moisture loss by giving the skin a protective barrier. The cream has a lovely smooth texture that blends really well into the skin and absorbs rather quickly. The cream isn’t greasy, heavy or sticky but it is very soft and smooth on the skin.

A great multipurpose affordable skincare product

This cream can be used for so many different things and that is why I love it. I personally like to use it to tackle itchy legs as it helps to ease the itching but also nicely moisturises my skin too. I also like to use this on spots. I find by applying a small amount on blemishes the cream can help to clear up the area due to its astringent properties but it oddly doesn’t make the area feel dry. Another great use is for puffy undereye circles. By applying a tiny pea size amount to my undereye circles half an hour before I apply my makeup this can really help reduce that puffy look. When applied to the skin the cream gives a beautiful soothing and cooling effect and has really helped when my skin has been particularly sore.

Veil Witch Hazel currently retails at £4.50 for 50ml (link) and £7.00 for 100ml (link). The product is available to purchase from the Veil Cover Cream website. It’s also worth noting that this cream can also help to tackle chapped skin. Plus it can also soften cracked skin. If you’re looking for other great product from the brand, check out my review of the Veil Powder Brush. Also, check out my review of the high coverage concealer Veil Cover Cream, it’s awesome. 

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