10 Newly Discovered Products I’ve Recently Tried

10 Newly Discovered Products I've Recently Tried | W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights, Technic Contour Stix, Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette, Sleek CC Cream in Light, Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss in Jammy Dodger, Soap and Glory Diamond Edition Righteous Butter, Lotil Original, Lotil Foot Care Cream, CelluBlue and Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream

10 Newly Discovered Products I’ve Recently Tried

W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights (link)

I actually recently wrote a whole blog post on this palette titled “MAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe? W7 The Naughty Nine Palette.” The palette contains nine eyeshadows and is identical to the MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette but at a fraction of the price. The eyeshadows in the palette are very Autumn like so I feel it would be ideal for later on in the year. Although not all eyeshadows in the palette have amazing quality, for the price they’re very good and definitely worth checking out.

Technic Contour Stix (link)

The second of my newly discovered products is the Technic Contour Stix. In this little set, you get three crayons. Technic describe these colours as simply Dark, Light and Highlight. The idea is that you can contour and highlight your face with this handy affordable kit. Each crayon has a creamy texture making them fairly easy to blend onto the skin and despite being VERY cheap, they perform surprisingly well. I’m going to share a whole post on these crayons as I feel they are definitely worth chatting about in more detail.

Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette* (link)

Third to make it into my newly discovered products post is the Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette. I love Sleek Palettes, I find they’re very good value for money and their shadows perform well. My favourite and most used palette from them has to be Storm. Storm contains a lot of “safe” shades that are suitable for everyday wear. The Enchanted Forest palette is somewhat different. The palette contains a lot of purples, greens and deeper forest like shades. Each shade is beautiful in its own right. Although not something I’ve been using every day, this palette makes a nice change to the normal colours I tend to stick with. Keep your eyes peeled for a more in-depth post on this beauty.

Sleek CC Cream in Light* (link)

Another one of my newly discovered products from Sleek is the Sleek CC Cream in Light. Whenever I’m sent complexion products to review, nine times out of ten they’re always too dark. This was also the case with the Sleek CC Cream. However, I have found a way to work with this. Instead of using it as an all over face product I’ve found that it works well as a contour shade. Thanks to its blendable texture this also means that I can make the look fairly natural looking and ideal for daytime wear.

Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss in Jammy Dodger (link)

The fifth of my newly discovered products is the Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss in Jammy Dodger. You can actually win your very own lipgloss by heading over to my Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss in Jammy Dodger giveaway blog post. Anyway, the shade is a beautiful pink toned red and is actually quite out of my comfort zone. I normally tend to stay away from reds as they can draw a lot of attention to my teeth which is something I do not want. However, I find this shade very flattering. I also love the fact that you can wear it as it is for a strong bold look or you can apply lightly for a light berry stain effect. 

Soap and Glory Diamond Edition Righteous Butter* (link)

Next up for my newly discovered products is the Soap and Glory Diamond Edition Righteous Butter. I’ve tried the original Righteous Butter but this is something else. The Diamond Edition of the product contains pearlescent shimmer mica powders and real diamond dust. When I first received this I thought I’d end up looking like a tacky disco ball but the effect on the skin is simply amazing. Instead of being full on glittery the butter gives the skin a beautiful shimmer which gives a lovely healthy glow effect. The product has the same amazing formula of the original Righteous Butter but with added joy. I highly recommend picking a tub of this up but be quick as it is limited edition.

Lotil Original* (link)

Now this technically isn’t one of my newly discovered products as I’ve already tried it in the past but it is a rediscovered product. I’m of course talking about the Lotil Original Cream. Back when I tried this out I didn’t really suffer from dry skin so I couldn’t really put it to the test but nowadays I do. Lotil is essentially a cream that can be used to tackle dryness. The cream to me feels very clinical however, that should not put you off. This cream absorbs very well into the skin and from my experience it certainly does help when it comes to moisturising. The cream seems to have straight to the point, fuss free, no gimmicks attacked marketing. For me, it really does live up to its claims.

Lotil Foot Care Cream* (link)

Another product from Lotil to make it into my newly discovered products post is the Lotil Foot Care Cream. This cream is extremely thick and feels amazing on the skin. Unlike the Lotil Original, I find this takes a little longer to absorb into the skin. Because of this, I’ve been using it right before bed kind of like a foot mask. The cream almost has a balm like texture to it which blends nicely into the skin. When it comes to moisturising my feet it does a great job. I’ve tried products that have worked better for me but this is a pretty great product for day to day use.

CelluBlue* (link)

The of my newly discovered products is a bit of a strange one, it is the CelluBlue. The CelluBlue is basically a little blue cup that is designed to eliminate cellulite. Or at least the appearance of it. I’ve been using this cup for a fair few months now and I’ve got to say this does work. However, you really have to persevere. You’re not going to achieve instant or drastic results with this thing. But if you use it every day you can achieve improvement to the appearance of cellulite. To use the cup you simply apply a body oil to the area of concern and use the cup to massage the area.

Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream (link)

And last but not least to make it into my newly discovered products post is the Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream. No, I haven’t been using this as a nipple cream, instead, I’ve used it as a lip treatment. This stuff is seriously good for use as an overnight lip moisturising treatment. The cream itself is fairly thick and greasy but it is highly effective. The formula contains Glycerin, Water, Sunflower Oil and Lanolin, all known for their moisturising properties. For a more in-depth review, please check out my “The Great, Cheap But Unusual Lip Moisturising Treatment: Superdrug New Mum Nipple Cream” blog post.

Have you tried any of the above products?

These products were sent to me for consideration. All thoughts, views and opinions are 100% my own and aren't influenced by any brand, company or individual. 


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