10 Really Awesome Catchy Songs I’ve Loved This Month

10 Really Awesome Catchy Songs I’ve Loved This Month

One of my favourite things in the world is music. I mean everyone loves a good tune, don’t they? That being said I don’t talk about my love of music quite as much as I’d like to here on my blog. So you know what? Let’s change that. My music taste is quite varied. I mean I’ll give pretty much anything a listen. I like all sorts of genres and songs so I thought I’d start a new little monthly post where I share some of the songs I’ve been loving in the past month. Now technically these songs are what I loved in March rather than this month but hey, ho. Anyway, here are the songs I’ve recently been loving.

Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes

The first of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes. Not heard of Imagine Dragons? They’re an American rock band who formed in 2008. They’re probably best known for their songs Radioactive and Demons which are both excellent but Whatever It Takes has taken my fancy this month. The song is pretty much a rock, pop, rap and alternative mix. Lyrically I, like many would say that the song is all about ambition and succeeding. My favourite part of the song definitely has to be the pre-chorus. The lyrics read “Whip, whip. Run me like a racehorse. Pull me like a ripcord. Break me down and build me up. I wanna be the slip, slip. Word upon your lip, lip. Letter that you rip, rip. Break me down and build me up.”

Disturbed – You’re Mine

The second of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Disturbed – You’re Mine. Disturbed are an American metal band who formed in 1994, coincidently the year I was born. The band is fronted by David Draiman who I consider to have a fantastic unique voice. You’re Mine is an amazing metal take on a love song and is a refreshing change from the lovey-dovey tunes that we often hear. The lyrics are brilliant with my favourite lines of the song being “All the misery I have been through, it was beating me to submission, till the day you arrived. Suddenly, I felt alive. Strength I had lost was revived and building inside.” 

EXO – Power

The third of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is EXO – Power. EXO is a South Korean-Chinese boy band debuted in 2011. You may have spotted the group if you watched the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics where they performed Power along with Growl, another hit of theirs. If not, give the song a listen below. Power is basically a high energy song that makes you want to get your groove on. Power is an EDM hit that features both synthesizer and drum beat sounds. Also, the music video is super cool, it has a futuristic video game feel to it.

BIGBANG – Flower Road

The fourth of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is BIGBANG -Flower Road. BIGBANG is a Korena boy band who debuted in 2008. They’re one of my all-time favourite Kpop groups however, sadly they’re currently on a hiatus. Why? Well, they’re off doing their mandatory military service and won’t be back for a couple of years. However, they did leave us with one last song in the form of Flower Road. The song is basically a goodbye for their fans (Or V.I.Ps) and features some really cute lyrics and some beautiful vocals. My favourite part is the pre-chorus sang by Seungri but I was also over the moon to hear my favourite member, TOP rapping on the single. Give it a listen below.

J-Hope – Daydream

The fifth of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is J-Hope – Daydream. J-Hope is a rapper/singer from Korean boy band BTS. If you’ve read my post on the BTS Love Yourself: Her album then you’ll already be aware of J-Hope. Basically, he’s released his own mixtape titled Hope World. The mixtape is full of amazing songs with Daydream being one of my favourites. If I were to describe Daydream as best as I could I’d say it is a funky tune that has a catchy beat that feels a bit retro. I know that is a very odd description but you really do need to give the song a listen to see what I mean. Lyrically the song is ultimately about what J-Hope daydreams about, well that is how I interpret it anyway.

Sigrid – Strangers

The sixth of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Sigrid – Strangers. Sigrid, also known as Sigrid Solbakk Raabe is a 21-year-old singer from Norway who has been active since 2013. I personally only discovered her when I heard her song Don’t Kill My Vibe. Since then the singer has released Strangers which has been playing pretty much non stop on the radio over the past couple of months. Strangers is a pop anthem which features lovely vocals and some beats that will have you tapping your feet. The song also features some deep and powerful lyrics and has become a song that has been on repeat for me.

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

The seventh of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer. Now I know this song is pretty old (32 years old to be precise.) but I’ve really been loving it lately and listening to it a lot. The funky dance-rock tune has incredibly catchy lyrics and a pretty funky video to match which took a lot of effort to make. Apparently, Peter Gabriel sat under a sheet of glass for 16 hours as the video was filmed one frame at a time. Talk about dedication! And what are the lyrics about? Well, sex. But nevertheless, the song is a right tune.


Owl City – Lucid Dream

The eighth of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Owl City – Lucid Dream. Owl City is an American electronica project created in 2007. Owl City’s founder is Adam Randal Young who is the only constant member of the project. Adam has such a lovely lyric tenor voice and there aren’t many Owl City songs that I don’t enjoy because of this.

Lucid Dream is a progressive uplifting trance song. If you’ve heard any of the earlier Owl City tracks this feels very much like those. As for the lyrics, they’re a bit cheesy but catchy. Take the chorus for example. It reads “Do you believe in endless miracles? Do you believe in the impossible?” Check out the song below.

Jonghyun – Shinin’

The ninth of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Jonghyun – Shinin’. The song featured on the album Poet Artist which was sadly released posthumously after the Korean singer and member of boyband SHINee heartbreakingly took his own life after suffering from depression. All profits from the album are going to Jonghyun’s mother to create a foundation for people living under difficult circumstances. The song its self is a pretty upbeat one featuring Jonghyun’s angelic voice. However, with lyrics like “Always be with you you you you you you” It really pulls at your heartstrings. Nevertheless, I really like the song and highly recommend giving it a listen.



Emma Blackery – Dirt

And last but not least, the final song of the 10 really awesome catchy songs I’ve loved this month is Emma Blackery – Dirt. Not heard of Emma Blackery? She’s a YouTube vlogger and musician who released her song Dirt on the 16th of March. To me, the song has a very Katy Perry – This Is How We Do vibe about it. The song screams sass and is incredibly catchy. It’s just one of those great songs that you can easily sing along to in the shower really. Give it a listen below.


What songs have you recently been enjoying?