15 Gorgeous Makeup Brush Sets That Are Under £10

15 Gorgeous Makeup Brush Sets That Are Under £10

15 Gorgeous Makeup Brush Sets That Are Under £10

One thing I love is cheap and cheerful makeup brushes. Over the years I’ve bought quite a few brushes on sites like AliExpress. These brushes include the likes of the affordable rose gold oval brushespro makeup brushes that cost me £3 and the sigma makeup brush dupes for under £5. One place I’ve been loving for purse friendly makeup brushes lately is eBay. The site is full of eye-catching brushes at low prices, many of which are under £10 for a set. Below is a selection of just some of the gorgeous brushes I’ve discovered on the site that I plan on purchasing.

The first makeup brush set I discovered was the Rainbow Ombre Unicorn Glitter Brushes. This set will set you back £9.89 and is bang on trend at the moment (Seriously, I’m seeing unicorn items everywhere!) The set features ten brushes, five face brushes and five eye brushes. I really love the combination of the rainbow handles and the white and purple ombre bristles. 

The second makeup brush set I came across was the Pink Rose Gold Brushes. At just £4.69 this set is a steal. You get eight brushes in this set and there is no denying that they are stunning. The rose gold handles along with super affordable price tag is sure to be a winner with many.

Next up is the Pink, Blue, and Green Ombre Mermaid Tail Brushes. In this set, you get seven brushes for £5.99. You get four face brushes and three eye brushes. What I like about this set is how unique it is. I don’t think I’ve spotted any brushes quite like these before.

Fan of the oval/toothbrush style brush?

We then have the Rose Gold Mermaid Toothbrush Style Brushes costing £9.39. Oval/toothbrush/Artis style brushes are bang on trend at the moment. However, these are by far the prettiest I’ve spotted. I mean come on, that sharp rose gold design is impressive.

I also discovered the Blue, Pink and Purple Unicorn Ombre Style Brushes. These are very identical to the first brushes mentioned but obviously, they have a different colour palette. I like them but I know they’ll not be to everyone’s taste. At £8.99 though you cannot go wrong.

Then we have the super popular Unicorn Rainbow Hair Brushes. I spotted these everywhere. Everyone seems to adore them and I can see why because they are very nice indeed. For £6.99 you get ten brushes, five face, and five eye.

Love a good brightly coloured makeup brush?

If you’re after something really funky I definitely recommend the Rainbow Ombre Brushes. For £4.59 you receive seven really eye-catching makeup brushes. What I like about these is the fact that they all have different colored bristles which kind of mixes things up a bit.

One of the less fancy sets I came across was Pink Unicorn Style Kabuki Brushes. These aren’t as dramatic as the HP inspired brushes below or the rainbow unicorn offerings but they are beautiful. For £5.99 I definitely think that they are worth a try.

Harry Potter fan? Then you’ll love the Harry Potter Style Wand Brushes. This is definitely one of the most interesting makeup brush sets I came across. At £5.59 for five brushes, I’d say it is a great price for something so different.

Fan of the classic black handle?

Fancy something a little less extravagant? The Black, Blue and Purple Gradient Brushes will set you back a respectable £9.99. These brushes feature a simple black handle but have gradient ferrules and bristles. I feel thing set is fancy but in a more mature way. In the set, you get ten brushes. Five face brushes and five eye brushes.

We then have Rainbow Twist Gradient Brushes. These brushes look amazeballs and in my opinion are a steal at £6.49. I love everything about them, their twisted handles, the rainbow effect, the bristles, even the ferrules. This makeup brush set is definitely something I will be purchasing.

Up next are the White, Gold and Teal Brushes. In this set, you get a whopping 15 brushes in this set for £9.59. The brushes feature a sleek teal handle, gold ferrules, and clean white bristles. This is an extremely nice looking set.

After something really eye-catching?

Then there are the Pink Metallic Toothbrush Style Brushes costing £8.99 for the set. I love the metallic pink colour and as a lover of this style of makeup brush, these are definitely on my wishlist.

Love a pop of neon colour? Check out Neon Rose Gold Brushes for just £5.35. These brushes come with classy gold coloured pointed handle with a splash of colour thanks to that neon coral and white gradient bristle. 

And the last of the makeup brush sets features the Gold Spiral Brushes which cost just £4.72 for five brushes. If rose gold isn’t your thing and you prefer a more classic gold colour, these are definitely for you. 

Have you discovered any affordable makeup brush sets recently?

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