2 Excellent Zoflora Fragrances You Need To Try

2 Excellent Zoflora Fragrances You Need To Try: Bouquet and Linen Fresh

2 Excellent Zoflora Fragrances You Need To Try

If you read my post on how to make your home smell amazing with Zoflora then you’ll already know that I am obsessed with Zoflora. Zoflora is basically a fragranced disinfectant that can be used to, well, disinfect areas but because it is fragranced it also kills bad smells too. If you hate the chemical fragrance of regular disinfectants Zoflora is definitely for you.

I use Zoflora on a daily basis. It’s great for wiping the kitchen benches down, cleaning the sink and I even like to freshen up my cushions with Zoflora. It can be used in so many ways and that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. The other reason why I love Zoflora? Because there are so many Zoflora fragrances available. Seriously their range is excellent and packed full of great scents. Do I love all of the scents? There are a couple I’m not keen on but today I thought I’d talk about two of my absolute favourite Zoflora fragrances that I think you need to try.

Bouquet Scented Zoflora

The first of the two Zoflora fragrances I love and recommend is definitely Bouquet. Bouquet is a lovely floral scent but unlike other scents (Hyacinth I’m looking at you!) it isn’t really potent or “granny” like. Instead, it is citrus like but fresh. The fragrance is said to contain things like rose, violet, green citruses, white musks and precious woods. I think Bouquet may quite possibly be my favourite Zoflora scent.

Linen Fresh Scented Zoflora

The second of the two Zoflora fragrances that I recommend is Linen Fresh. Linen Fresh is a very fresh fragrance that contains cotton, lavender and violet. The fragrance is crisp but slightly sweet smelling too. This fragrance is great for use in the bathroom and for spraying cushions. I think if you’re new to Zoflora this is a good scent to start off with as I feel like it would be one that most people would enjoy.

Getting your hands on the fragranced disinfectant

If you’re looking to get your hands on some bottles of Zoflora they’re readily available in 120ml bottles. I personally pick my Zoflora up from my local Poundland but bottles are also available online too. If you are heading to Poundland they also sell a pack of two spray bottles. These come in handy for storing your diluted disinfectant in. Each bottle of Zoflora will make 4.8 litres when diluted. However, I just dilute 10ml to 400ml of water at a time as and when I need it.

Other Zoflora fragrances I’ve tried include Hyacinth, Springtime and their limited edition Warm Cinnamon scent. In the future, I’d really like to try fragrances like Rose, Summer Bouquet, Apple Orchard, Sweetpea and Orchid. However, I’ve still not been able to track any of those scents down. I do however live in hope so hopefully one day I’ll spot them when I’m out and about.

Are you a fan of Zoflora?

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