The Lowdown On Poundland Make Up

Hey beauties!
How are all you doing on this sunny Sunday? Let’s be honest here, I adore cosmetics but it can be a pricey little hobby and well, being the bargain hunter I am, I can rarely justify paying ridiculous prices for a single product and personally, I think you can find some drugstore brands that are just as good as the high end products. I love a cheap little gem and have found many in Poundland. Yes Poundland, the home of cheapness. And when I say little gems, I mean branded products. Poundland also sell their own line called Chit Chat, but I’d advise you to avoid most of the products the range has to offer as to be honest, 99% of it is pants. Poundland also sell products that you see in places like Superdrug for the mere price of £1. Over the years I’ve purchased a fare few products from the good old cheap store and today I thought I’d share some of the products that Poundland has to offer…
| Chit Chat Glitter Eyeliner in Pink and Blue |
I won’t lie, liners are great for a one off occasion like Halloween, but that’s about it. The quality is on the bad side and they dry up very quickly.
| Various Collection 2000 Dazzle Me | Various Maybelline Dream Mouse Eyecolor |
As for the Dazzle Mes, I highly recommend these shadows, they work amazingly well when wet and are good when used dry, they’re a great alternative to the Barry M Dazzle Dusts and come in some lovely shades. The Dream Mousse Eyecolor? Save your money. I personally didn’t get on with them at all. I found them to crease a lot, even with Urban Decay’s primer potion, which created a horrible look.


| Various Rimmel London Duos | Revlon Single Shadow in Glowiest Beige | Revlon Single Shadow in Charcoal |
The Rimmel Duos? Half decent shadows when applied over a base such as a Maybelline 24HR Colour Tattoo, but very sheer when applied alone. They lack pigmentation and are a little on the chalky side, not something I would repurchase given the chance. The Revlon single shadow which is in the shade Glowiest Beige is an extremely soft shadow which again, has rubbish pigmentation. And  the other Revlon shadow is in Charcoal, which has decent pigmentation and is a good black to have in your collection especially if you’re strapped for cash or maybe just want to save a few bob.


| Various Vital Radiance Soft Dimension Powders Blushes | Almay Powder Blush in Peach |
The Vital Radiance blushes are lovely to have in your collection, each blush contains three different shades which can be used alone or blended to create a lovely look. The pigmentation is pretty good and they come in a few different shades. The Almay Powder Blush you ask? Probably one of my favourites blushes in my entire collection, the colour is swell and I can’t fault it.
| Various Rimmel and Revlon lip products |
I’m not going to go into too much detail, all the products are good but the shades can be a little off, that’s another thing I’d like to mention about Poundland, they often  package their products in little purple wallets which don’t tell you the product shade so it can often be a game of luck, sometimes resulting in you getting a fab product but often leaving you with a colour that is well, a bit minging.


| Revlon Nail Polishes | Miss Sporty Nail Polishes |
Yes, they sell Revlon Nail Polishes which are great quality may I add. They come in beautiful shades and often the reason they ended up in Poundland is because the particular shade/shades had been discontinued. They also sell Miss Sporty polishes which are cheap without being in Poundland but it’s always nice to get a few extra pennies off a product. Again, they have pretty good quality and come in some rather funky shades.
There you have it, some of the many things I’ve bought from Poundland. As you can tell it can be very hit and miss, more miss if I’m honest, but there are some great products hiding behind all the rubbish so I’d highly recommend having a little look next time you’re out and about near a Poundland.
What do you think of Poundland make up?