My Soap and Glory Stash

Want to see what Soap and Glory products I own?
My Soap and Glory Stash

My Soap and Glory Stash | Clean On Me, Glad Hair Day and Peaches and Clean
Clean On Me – £5.50
This is my second bottle of Clean On Me and it’s safe to say I’m a fan. I love how creamy and moisturising it is as well as the gorgeous scent it has.
Glad Hair Day – £5.50
This is one of the the few Soap and Glory products I’m not a fan of. I found that it made my hair feel unbelievably greasy and heavy the day after I used it which was a shame as it smelt divine and I had high hopes for this shampoo.
Peaches and Clean – £7.00
I haven’t tried this yet but it smells great. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?
My Soap and Glory Stash | Sugar Crush and Flake Away
Sugar Crush – £8.00
This is probably my fave. It smells like tasty lime, almost good enough to eat! I find Sugar Crush gentle, moisturising and great for all over exfoliation.
Flake Away – £7.00
Flake Away is another favourite. It’s a bit harsher than Sugar Crush and I therefore find it ideal for areas than need a deeper scrub such as the elbows and knees. It has the Original Pink fragrance which is something I really like.
My Soap and Glory Stash | Smoothie Star, The Righteous Body Butter Lotion and The Righteous Butter
Smoothie Star – £10.00
This is a super sweet milky body lotion. It smells delicious and is a great product for applying when you hop out of the bath.
The Righteous Body Butter Lotion – £10.00
I really like this lotion. It leaves the lovely Original Pink scent on your skin which lasts for hours, it absorbs well, is light and makes a great everyday moisturiser.
The Righteous Butter – £10.50
This is exactly the same as the Righteous Body Butter Lotion although it’s a thicker version aimed at those with much dryer skin who need that extra bit of hydration. It’s much more intense and feels unbelievably soft and creamy when applied, almost like warm butter melting.
My Soap and Glory Stash | Hand Food, Endless Glove and Heel Genius
Hand Food – £5.00
This is one of my favourite Hand Creams. Like a lot of the Soap and Glory products it has the Original Pink fragrance which is a scent I like. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t have a horrible greasy or sticky feeling and is a hand bag staple for me.
Endless Glove – £6.50
I love applying Endless Glove right before bed. I simply smother my hands in the mask and pop on my S&G gloves, then hit the land of nod. When I wake up in the morning I’m greeted with super soft, silky hands. When my hands are feeling extremely dry I like to use this instead of Hand Food as it’s more intense and hydrating but can take a while to absorb.
Heel Genius – £5.50
Heel Genius is a lovely minty smelling foot cream. It’s a good everyday moisturiser which helps keep those tootsies nice and soft.
My Soap and Glory Stash | Crazy Sexy Kohl, Sexy Mother Pucker in Punch Bowl and Thick and Fast Mascara
Crazy Sexy Kohl – £18.00
This cute set includes five Smoulder Kohl Liners which are super duper pigmented, soft and glide on like a dream. It also contains three Lid Stuff Eyeshadow which are nicely also pigmented and remind me a lot of the Urban Decay shadows which I love.
Sexy Mother Pucker in Punch Bowl – £9.00
First of all, I really like the shade of this gloss, it’s a lush bright pink shade and the chocolatey scent that this product contains really pleases my nose but I’m not too sure about the texture, it feels quite sticky, a bit too much for my liking and I find the plumping effect a bit intense and can be quite painful. Maybe I’m just a wuss, who knows. I plan to try and use this gloss more to see if my opinion changes though so watch this space.
Thick and Fast Mascara – £10.00
I’ve been using this mascara since January and it’s definitely well loved. I really like the volume it gives my lashes and the slight length it adds to them.
Are you a Soap and Glory fan?
Shannon xo
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