Review | Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream

Want to know my thoughts on the Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream?
Review | Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream

What Belle Nigelle Say
“Formulated with a base of Black Seed Oil and Cinnamon Essential Oil, contains Capsicum, which has a warming effect on the skin. Ideal for relaxing muscles and for massage. Do not apply to the face, wounds and deteriorated skin. Dermatologically tested”


For 100ml this product retails for £16.00 which I think is a tad overpriced.
The product comes packed in a nice cardboard box which to me looks fairly classy but inside is a plastic tub which houses the cream. To me, I think the cream would have been much more suited in a glass jar as I think the plastic tub gives the cream a cheap feel which it certainly isn’t.
Review | Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream
Review | Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream
Review | Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream
My Thoughts
Now I was super excited to receive this cream as I’m always wanting to practice my massage at home but lack any form of medium other than talc, so I thought this would come in handy. First of all, the smell is quite spicy, which normally I don’t like because I suffer from migraines, especially when I do my aromatherapy at college (I feel sick just thinking about it) but this wasn’t too strong at all and I quite liked the scent. So I decided to try this on Marc, by doing the back and neck part of the Indian head massage. When I first applied the cream onto my hands it was cold but it soon warmed up and evolved into a nice soothing oil once on the skin. At first I thought it was a great medium but in next to no time it had completely absorbed into the skin. I then had to keep dipping into the pot and stopping the massage. In the end I gave up. After, I tested the cream out on myself, as a moisturiser to see how that worked out. It worked well, wasn’t sticky and helped to relax my muscles due to the warming effect. Although gutted I wouldn’t be able to use it as a massage medium I was pleased that I had a use for it.
  • Not sticky
  • Nice spicy smell
  • Warming on the skin
  • Good for use as a body moisturiser – absorbs quickly
  • Helps to relax muscles due to the warming effect


  • Expensive
  • Cheep looking/feeling passaging
  • Not good as a massage medium – absorbs quickly


I think for £16.00 this is way overpriced and in my opinion, doesn’t make a good massage medium. However, as a moisturiser, it works well, smells nice and has a nice relaxing effect on the muscles. But in all honesty, I would purchase this as I feel like there are many cheaper alternatives on the market than are much more effective.
Have you tried the Belle Nigelle Relaxing Body Cream?
Shannon xo
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