My Favourite Body Moisturisers

Want to hear my thoughts on two of my favourite body moisturisers?
My Favourite Body Moisturisers

My Favourite Body Moisturisers | Jergens Soothing Aloe Fast Absorbing Body Moisturiser
Jergens Soothing Aloe Fast Absorbing Body Moisturiser (*)
I was lucky enough to win this gem a while back along with the rest of the Jergens Range and have loved it ever since. It’s not only nice and moisturising, but it absorbs moderately fast and the smell, oh my, I’m in love with the refreshing cucumber like scent and could sit and smell it all day long. I like to use this all over my body, right after a bath as it keeps my skin nice and soft. It’s also none sticky which is a huge plus.
My Favourite Body Moisturisers | Veil Rich Nourishing Cream
Veil Rich Nourishing Cream (*)
I don’t know what it is but I tend to suffer from really dry heels and although I’ve tried a few different product that have worked well, none have come close to this. Veil’s Rich Nourishing Cream is packed full of moisturising ingredients such as Lanolin and Almond Oil which make it a fantastic product for tackling dry skin. The cream is however, on the thick and sticky side which can be a little difficult to work with and can take a while to sink it, so I like to use it as a mask and apply before bed. This leaves my tootsies feeling very soft and hydrated, thumbs up Veil!
What are your favourite body moisturisers?
Shannon xo



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