Review | Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara

Want to know my thoughts on the Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara?
Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara

Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara
What Miners say
“Say goodbye to embarrassing Mascara mis-haps with this Waterproof Mascara! This top quality, high-performance Mascara is the perfect solution for girls on the go. Whether you are at the Gym, on Holiday or just need protection from the emotions of the day, Maxi Mascara will keep you looking fresh faced and steak free! Maxi Mascara by Miners Cosmetics is a completely waterproof and smudge-proof formulation.”
The Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara retails at £3.49 for 8ml of product and is available from the Miners website.
I really like the blue packaging however, it can become a little dirty after several times of pulling out and pushing the wand back in (he he he)
Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara
Review | Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara | Before | One coat | Two coat
My Thoughts
First things first, as you can see from the pictures above there’s no denying that the mascara adds a nice amount of length and a hint of volume but it can be a little on the clumpy side. Now it’s worth saying when I first opened the mascara, the texture was different, much thinner. Two weeks on and we have a very, very thick and gloopy mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to use it, but it feels a little more hard to work with for some reason and in all honesty I can see this mascara drying out fairly soon. Anyway, enough of the negative. This mascara certainly lives up to it’s waterproof claims. One day I had a full on hormonal strop, resulting in a me being well, pathetic and having tears streaming from my eyes. Once I’d made a mountain out of a mole hill and got over it, I turned to Marc and asked if I had panda eyes. I was shocked when he said no, so I went to my mirror to investigate. He was right, the mascara was still in tact, minus a few flakes, but for a £3.49, it had done a cracking job. Another thing I like about this mascara is the brush. It’s neither too big or two small which makes application a doddle.
  • Waterproof – stays put during a full on hormonal hissy fit
  • Cheap
  • Adds good length to lashes
  • Adds slight volume to lashes
  • Lovely brightly coloured packaging
  • Nice size brush – not to big, not to small


  • Packaging can become dirty rather quickly
  • Once opened the mascara goes a bit gloopy within 2 weeks of opening
  • Can be a little clumpy, probably due to the point above


For the price this is a good product if you’re looking for decent length with a hint of volume as well as waterproof protection. However, if you’re looking for a mascara that will last you a while, this may not be for you as it shows signs of drying out fairly quickly. Personally I love the effect it has on my lashes and shall continue to use it until it has fully dried up and is no longer usable.
What do you think of the Miners Maxi Waterproof Mascara?
Shannon xo


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