Review | Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick

Want to know my thoughts on the Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick?
Review | Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick

What Tisserand say


“Deep cleanses and soothes blemish-prone skin in a light gel base to refresh and gently soften. Perfect cosmetic pure size.
  • Antibacterial organic tea-tree oil
  • Protective wild crafted kanuka oil
  • Astringent witch hazel
Free from parabens and synthetic fragrances.”


The Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick retails at £4.50 and is available to purchase on the Tisserand website.
The product comes in a lipgloss like tube complete with a doe foot applicator. You may be thinking it’d be quick to apply the product on the doe foot applicator directly onto blemishes, spots and areas that require it but I really don’t recommend it as once you do it and then pop it back into the tube, you’re spreading that bacteria around which could cause more harm than good. Instead I pop a little onto fresh, clean finger tips and apply that way.
Review | Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick
My thoughts
The first thing I noticed about this product was how different it was to other Tea Tree products I’ve used. Normally I find Tea Tree products to sting ever so slightly but this was super gentle and created a lovely cooling effect on the skin which was really pleasant. I also found within a minute to a minute and a half, the product had completely absorbed into skin. Pretty impressive stuff ey? As for the effect on blemishes and spots, it’s not going to clear up your spots within minutes or even a day for that matter but it does reduce redness and inflammation within a day which helps spots and effected areas to clear up. The only negative is the scent. I personally don’t mind the actual Tea Tree smell but it is pretty potent which I know a lot of people aren’t fond of.
Review | Tisserand Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Stick
  • Affordable
  • Antibacterial
  • Free form parabens
  • Free from perfumes
  • Vegan friendly
  • Creates a nice cooling sensation
  • Gentle
  • Absorbs fairly fast
  • Helps to reduce redness and inflammation


  • The product has a quite potent scent which some people may not like


I think this is a pretty good spot treatment. It’s not a miracle product but it certainly helps with reducing redness and inflammation which helps spots along on their clearing up journey so I can’t really complain.
What’s your favourite spot treatment?
Shannon xo
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