Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub

Want to know my thoughts on the St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub?
Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub

What St Grape Say
“St. Grapes Ancient Foot Scrub offers one of the best kept secrets out there for getting smooth skin that looks healthy, vibrant, and beautiful, and makes it feel incredibly soft.  More importantly it is pure and natural, and borrows from the secrets of our ancient past to offer relaxing and gentle skincare.
An immediately relax for tired foot…
Enjoy Ancient Foot Scrub at its very best!”
Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub
The St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub retails at £25.00 for 500g and is available to purchase on the St Grape website.
Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub
I must admit I’ve tried a few St Grape product now and one thing they are on the ball with is their packaging. Not only is the outer packaging elegant and classy, but the product packaging is sturdy and looks smashing in my bathroom. I also like the addition of the cute vintage tissue paper which is right up my street.
Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub
My thoughts
When I first opened this huge tub, I was hit with the lovely floral scent. It is quite strong but I must admit, I am a big fan of it. When I popped my hand in the tub to scoop a little out, at first I was a tad confused. Normally I’m used to trying scrubs that are sort of paste-like in texture. The Ancient Foot Scrub does have a slightly oily feel to it but it is more crumbly compared to your average scrub. I am a fan of the texture but it can often be a little messy. In terms of effectiveness, I find only a little is needed for a good old scrubbing which leaves you with nice smooth skin. It’s not harsh, nor is it uncomfortable and I was actually quite surprised when my skin wasn’t dried out. I guess it was down to the slightly oily residue of the scrub.
Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub
  • Lovely packaging
  • Has a lovely floral scent to it
  • 97% natural
  • 3% Vitamin E
  • Contains 100% pure essential oils
  • Enriched 100% natural top mineral sea salt
  • Only a little is needed
  • Doesn’t dry the skin out
  • Leaves skin feeling nice and smooth


  • A tad expensive
  • Can be messy


Review | St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub
This is a lovely scrub that works well and doesn’t dry the skin out. It is a tad messy and a little pricey but if you’re after spoiling yourself or even after a Christmas gift for a loved one, I doubt this would disappoint.
What is your favourite foot scrub?
Shannon xo
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