Review | Rituals Calming Shower Cream Scrub

Want to know my thoughts on the Rituals Calming Shower Cream Scrub?
Review | Rituals Calming Shower Cream Scrub

What is it?
It’s a combination between a cleansing body scrub and a nourishing cream that is designed to remove dead skin cells and restore skin’s youthful appearance.
Review | Rituals Calming Shower Cream Scrub
The Rituals Rice Scrub Calming Shower Cream Scrub retails at £9.00 for 150ml and is available to purchase on the Feel Unique website.
The shower cream scrub comes in a plastic squeezable tube which dispenses the product well.
My thoughts
I LOVE this product. Everything from the scent to the results are top notch. How do I use it? Well I like to pop this on when I’m in the bath. I simply apply to my damp skin and massage in circular motions which I feel is quite therapeutic which may sound a tad strange. I do this all over my body apart from on my face and neck (I like to use scrubs/exfoliators specifically designed for those areas) When I feel as though I’ve scrubbed until my heart’s content, I simply get the shower head and rinse it all off. Simple eh? During the whole process I can’t help but adore the floral scent of the scrub. This is most certainly down to the Cherry Blossom that it contains and boy oh boy am I a fan. Once the scrub is off, I’m left with that lovely Cherry Blossom scent lingering plus nice and soft, dry free skin.
  • Not too pricey
  • Effective packaging
  • Smells AMAZING
  • Removes dry skin well without being harsh
  • Skin feels lovely and soft after use
  • Cherry Blossom scent lingers nicely


  • None!


I highly recommend this scrub as it’s gentle, effective and smells incredible! I honestly can’t fault it. I shall definitely be repurchasing once I use my current tube up.
What’s your favourite body scrub?
Shannon xo
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