Aliexpress, the home of super bargains?

Want to hear what I think of Aliexpress or see what products I’m currently lusting after?
1 – White Lace Up Ankle Boots – £10.78 | 2 – Floral Lace Peter Pan Collar Dress – £8.55 | 3 – 14 Piece Real Techniques Dupe/Replica Set – £11.97 | 4 – Cute Mushroom Samsung Galaxy S3 Case – £1.52 | 5 – Floral Desk Organiser Box (perfect for stationary and makeup) – 80p | 6 – x4 Animal Post It Note Books – £3.28 | 7 – White Floral Kimono – £8.91 | 8 – Faux Leather Crocodile Pattern Handbag – £7.34 | 9 – Floral Bedspread – Between £7.01 and £8.97 | 10 – Flat Top Buffer Brush – £1.79 | 11 – Light Purple Pressed Powder – £3.24 | 12 – MIVAGIRL Baked Blush – £2.82
Not long back when I was doing a spot of late night internet browsing and I discovered AliExpress and was simply mind blown. If you’re not aware of AliExpress, it’s an online retail service that is very, very similar to good old eBay. So what’s so good about it? Well much like eBay, everything is very cheap and the majority of products come from China but unlike eBay, a lot of the time when you buy something, it’s directly from the manufacturer, this is why many items are ridiculously cheap compared to if you bought the same item in a shop. Do you have to buy in bulk to get the best bargains? On AliExpress there are sometimes sellers who require you to buy more than one item or spend a minimum amount of money (I’ve spotted a few who say there’s a $10 minimum spend) but the majority of sellers allow you to buy 1 piece rather than a whole lot. But obviously the more you buy, often the cheaper each piece is.
Another thing I like about AliExpress is that most of the sellers ship worldwide (apparently there are users and buyers from more than 220 countries registered on the site which is just mind blowing!) Also, you can actually pick what currency you wish to pay in (I check the exchange rates so I can pay the absolute minimum, recently I’ve been paying in US Dollars where I save around 2p on each item compared to if I paid in GBP. It’s not a lot of money, but every little helps!)
The only thing I will say is that there are A LOT of fake goods on AliExpress whether it be cosmetics or designer goods (I spotted a “Louis Vuitton” bag for £6.00 which obviously wasn’t the real deal but was very, very similar looking) I’ve also recently spied a lot of Urban Decay and MAC which clearly aren’t legit. There are however a lot of wholesale makeup sellers who sell unbranded, perfectly safe goods which are even bought by cosmetic/makeup companies here in the UK and in the US. They simply pop their name on the product (they literally have their name printed onto the goods, often by the manufacturers and then sell on for an increased price, this is known as Private Labelling, a perfectly legal process) I will say that if you are planning on buying any form of Cosmetics, make sure you have an ingredients list. Most sellers have this displayed in the product info section but if it is not on display, contact the seller directly. The majority will message the ingredients list across but if you get a seller who isn’t willing to share it with you or doesn’t have one, I wouldn’t recommend going ahead with a sale, purely for your own safety.
Anyway… AliExpress is a fabulous website which stocks practically everything. From clothes, cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, electrical goods, phone accessories, kitchen goods, furniture to some very strange items that will make your jaw drop (I somehow stumbled across gimp masks the other day!) It’s great for bagging yourself a bargain at a very cheap price (check out some of my current wants above) Lastly, I will say that much like eBay you have to be patient when it comes to the delivery waiting time as the products are coming from the other side of the world (I find items take roughly around a month to arrive) and of course be careful who you buy from, if a seller has bad ratings or their products do, take notice and purchase from another seller with better ratings. Other than that, it’s a favourite site of mine for sure.
Have you ever used AliExpress?
Shannon xo
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