Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash

Want to hear about the Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash relaunch?
Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash

I’ve always been a fan of Imperial Leather, I remember when I was younger I found the squirty cans of body wash fascinating and fun and when I grew older I became fond of their effectiveness and how little you needed to use to cover your entire body for a good cleanse. Plus I enjoyed the fact that they doubled up as shaving foam for those times when my gorilla legs needed tackling.

Recently Imperial Leather relaunched seven Foamburst Body Washes. The cans have gone from pretty to more attractive and luxurious looking which makes them appear as if they cost a lot more than they actually do (each 200ml bottle retails at £2.99 and are available to purchase from places like Boots and Superdrug.)

If you used to use the old versions and liked the smooth gel formula and creamy lather they created, do not worry, the quality is just as good and the cans last for up to 40 washes, but Imperial Leather have used exotic ingredients and are said to have created unique bursts of exquisite fragrance. As part of the launch campaign, each variant has a Genie attached to it (Basically an utter hunk that we can stare and drool over) The seven variants they have created and the hunks attached to each are:


Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom:
A combination of sumptuous Vanilla and opulent Cherry Blossom. This can is said to be good for relaxing and a luxurious shower experience. The genie is Sebastian, a mystical bard who will shower you with poetry and sonnets to ease your body and mind.
Moisturising Honey and Almond Milk:
A rich blend of Honey and Almond Milk which is said to help unwind and leave you feeling pampered. The genie for this Foamburst is Cael, a lover of Greek mythology who can regale us with stories of the gods, the moon and the stars.
Bracing Bergamot and Sea Minerals:
A mixture of invigorating Bergamot and cleansing Sea Minerals which claim to help revive and recuperate. Representing the foamburst is Genie Varberg, who wants you to ride the waves of time with him forever.
Uplifting Lime and Grapefruit:
A cocktail of zesty Lime and Grapefruit which are supposed to refresh you mind and body. Here we have genie Jing, who can guide you through any situation. He is all about true balance.
Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine:
A delicate mixture of Green Tea and Jasmine said to leave the skin feeling healthy and completely revitalised. For this Foamburst we have Genie Tempo, who brings the party.
Bewitching Blackberry and Wild Fig:
A blend of Blackberry and Wild Fig which is said to give a spellbinding shower experience. Brennus is the Genie here, a wanderer and wild man with many tales to tell. He speaks of his time in the wild and the abundance of beaut found in Mother Nature’s bosom. He is enough to add a howl toy your shower time.
Spicy Ginger and Orange:
A ginger and orange medley that is said to be sweet and warm which will gradually awaken all of your senses. Representing Spicy Ginger and Orange is genie Blaise. He has magic in his squinted eyes and his tone as dry as the desert sand. He has a love for astrology, he speaks through the stars, and he can read yours. He is enough to make a mashed potato feel intense.
So there you have it, all seven variants. I was also very kindly sent two of the Foambursts to try out (Bewitching Blackberry and Wild Fig plus Bracing Bergamot and Sea Minerals) so I’ll have some in depth reviews of each coming up in the next week so do keep your eyes peeled for them.
Are you an Imperial Leather fan?
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