June 2014 Degustabox

Want to see what goodies I got in my June 2014 Degustabox?
June 2014 Degustabox

After last months Degustabox I was super duper excited to receive this months box. If you’re not too sure of what Degustabox is, it’s a monthly subscription box (similar to beauty boxes, but instead of products, you get food) In the boxes you get between 9 and 14 foodie  items. It’s a complete surprise when you receive your box and the idea is to get you trying products and brands that you may not have tried or even heard of before. The boxes currently retail at £12.99 which means you pay less for the items than you would if you went out to the shops and bought everything individually. So here is what I received in my box:
June 2014 Degustabox
Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes – RRP £2.59
I received the dark chocolate flutes from Elizabeth Shaw in my last box and they went down a treat with the whole family. So much so that they were gone within minutes of whipping them out of the box and opening them up. This time I received the Amaretto flavour. Despite being a non drinker, I can sometimes tolerate chocolate that contains alcohol. I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve of what I’m going to do with these so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.
Shaken Udder Chocolate Milkshake
I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit that this has already been drank. I simply couldn’t resist. After snapping some photos I pieced the straw through and sipped the lot. Honestly? This is one of the nicest milkshakes I’ve ever, ever tasted. I’m normally very loyal to Yazoo but this stuff is SO much better. It’s nice and chocolatey but very, very creamy. Of course no chocolate milkshake is completely healthy but the Shaken Udder one is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It’s aimed at kids but at 19 years old (soon to be 20) I can’t help but feel like I need more of these little cartons in my life.
Urban Fruit Perfect Pineapple – RRP £1.09
Another thing that went shortly after receiving the box were these delicious pieces of gently baked fruit. I received Perfect Pineapple and they were gorgeous. They were sweet and flavoursome, I reckon they’d be perfect for travelling on long car or train journeys or simply as an office snack. I’m definitely going to be tracking these down and I’m also hoping to try some of their other flavours (Magnificent Mango, I’m looking at you!)
Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla – RRP £4.99
I’m a big fan of Dr Oetker. My cupboards contain quite a few of there cooking ingredients (my most used is their Vanilla extract, it’s perfect for adding into cake mixture) I’ve not tried dried Madagascan Vanilla pods before but I’m quite intrigued. I can’t wait to make some tasty deserts using the Vanilla.
Be Fast Breakfast On The Go Banana Flavour x2 – RRP £1.00 each
Next up I spotted banana flavoured Be Fast Breakfast drinks. I’ve not tried anything like these before but I really like banana flavoured drinks so I’ll probably enjoy them. They’re said to be high in fibre, low fat and contain vitamins, minerals and protein. From a quick look at the ingredients the drinks sound kind of like milkshake (which is always good)
June 2014 Degustabox
Bear Alphabites – RRP £2.69
I’m not a big cereal gal but I do go through fazes of eating the stuff every now and again. I often walk past Bear products in the supermarket but I’m looking forward to finally trying the cereal. I’m not too sure if the multi grain letters will be up my street but I’ll definitely be trying a bowl or two.
Veetee Basmati and Wild Rice – RRP £1.49
As a lover of rice I was excited to spot this in my box. I could eat bowl fulls of the stuff on it’s own or with some nice sauce. I’ve not tried the Basmati and Wild Rice before nor have I tried any Veetee products so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like. It says on the packet that you can microwave the rice or stir fry it so I’ll probably throw some marinaded chicken and veg in and see how we go from there.
June 2014 Degustabox
Estrella Damm – RRP £4.00
I then spotted this can. At first I wasn’t 100% what it was but I was pretty sure that it was beer of some form and it turns out I was right. Personally I won’t be drinking this as I don’t drink but I’m sure my step dad will happily drink it. It’s said to be an award winning Spanish larger which is know internationally as “the bear of Barcelona” (which is an amazing place may I add)
Lambrini Strawberry Flavour – £3.29
And last but not least I got a bottle of Strawberry flavoured Lambrini. Again, I won’t be drinking this but I can see my mam enjoying this so I’ll pass it onto her to try. It’s said to be the new, fresh Summer flavour, perfect for Summer barbecues.
All in all I’d say this months box is a definite hit. If bought individually the items would have cost over £22 so you do get a good saving. Do be sure to give Degustabox a like on Facebook and of course a follow on Twitter.
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