Makeup Revolution New Releases

Want to see some of the new releases from Makeup Revolution that I recently got?
Makeup Revolution New Releases

Makeup Revolution New Releases | Salvation Palette Run Boy Run, Girls On Film, Dia De Los Muertos, Welcome To Pleasuredome and What You Waiting For
Salvation Palette Run Boy Run, Salvation Palette Girls On Film, Salvation Palette Dia De Los Muertos, Salvation Palette Welcome To Pleasuredome, Salvation Palette What You Waiting For – £6.00 each
After trying the original palettes from Makeup Revolution and falling in love with them, I thought it was a good time to try their newly released Salvation palettes which consist of 12 shimmer shades and six mattes. I went a bit over board and ordered all five limited edition palettes and I’m glad I did as the quality of the shadows is brilliant. The palettes I got were Run Boy Run, a selection of warm neutrals, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Girls On Film, a palette full of gorgeous mauves, beiges and browns. Dia De Los Muertos, a combination of wearable neutrals and eye catching brights (the yellow it contains is SO bright!) Welcome To Pleasuredome, which contains browns, greens, greys and a beautiful deep purple. And last but not least, What You Waiting For, a neutral lovers dream and my favourite of the bunch.
Makeup Revolution New Releases | Baked Eyeshadow in Bang Bang, Electric Dreams, Pure and Innocent
Baked Eyeshadow in Bang Bang – £2.50
The first of the Baked Eyeshadows I got was Bang Bang, a combination of black, blue, silver, grey and white. Now I’m a big fan of baked shadows as I like how you can work with them both wet and dry so I was keen to give the Makeup Revolution products a whirl. I ordered Bang Bang as I thought it’d be a good little palette for creating a nice smoky eye.
Baked Eyeshadow in Electric Dreams – £2.50
The next baked palette I got was Electric Dreams, a purple combination. When it comes to eyeshadow I find for me, purple works fantastically well. It really compliments my green eyes making them “pop” So far I’ve not tried Electric Dreams but when I swatched each shade I found them to be very pretty with just the right amount of glitter (I’ve previously tried baked shadows which have been packed full of fall out prone glitter than made me look more Edward Cullen than anything else)
Baked Eyeshadow in Pure and Innocent – £2.50
The final palette I got was Pure and Innocent. A selection of beautiful pinky neutrals. I’m probably going to get the most wear out of this palette as the shades are the most wearable out of the bunch and look great on.
Makeup Revolution New Releases | Ultra Face Base BB Cream Foundation in FB 02 Pink Tone
Ultra Face Base BB Cream Foundation in FB 02 Pink Tone – £3.00
I’ve never fully got on with any BB Cream. I find the majority of them aren’t even worth the time and effort to apply as the coverage and overall look they provide my skin with is well, rubbish. The closest I got to really like a BB Cream was when I tried one from VIVO but when it came to the shade it let me down as like most brands, the lightest shade was in fact rather orange and dark. Having already tried a Makeup Revolution Foundation before and finding a shade to match my pale complexion, I ordered this fellow. Although called a BB Cream it provides much better coverage than any other I’ve ever tried. It actually gives medium, and even full coverage when really built up. At first it does feel a little thick but once warmed up it melts nicely. Seriously, I’m loving this stuff. No doubt I’ll have a review up soon.
Makeup Revolution New Releases | Ultra Bronzer and Bronze Shimmer Highlight
Ultra Bronzer – £3.00
Next up I got the Ultra Bronzer which is MASSIVE. It’s actually darker than I thought it would be but hopefully I’ll be able to blend it out easily with the help of a fluffy brush if it’s too dark on me. From first glance it looks matte but upon closer inspection I spotted some teeny tiny glitter particles so it’ll be interesting to see if the glitter transfers onto the skin.
Bronze Shimmer Highlight – £4.00
I also got the Bronzer Shimmer Highlight which is basically three bronzers merged into one. I’ve not tried it yet but I can see myself loving the lightest shade. Fingers crossed I get on with it well.
Makeup Revolution New Releases | Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice, Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice and Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette
I then got their new blush palette in Sugar and Spice, a 8 shade palette which contains some 6 matte bright shades ranging from hot pink to beige, 1 gorgeous merged blush and one pinky silver highlighter. As a blush lover this palette is a dream come true for me.
Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice – £6.00
After spotting Sugar and Spice, I then found Hot Spice and decided I needed it in my life. Hot Spice consists of 8 shades, 3 matte blushes, 3 glitter blushes, 1 merged blush and 1 highlighter but the shades are much more toned down and warm compared to the other palette. I think it’ll be interesting to see how these shades work on me.
And last but not least I got the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light. As a self confessed concealerholic I let out a little squeal when I added this to my basket. The palette consists of 8 highly pigmented cream concealers ranging from very light to a medium light beige. This is a truly lovely palette and I’ll definitely be doing a more in depth review soon.
Have you bought any of the Makeup Revolution newly released products?
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