Review | Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake

Want to know my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake?
Review | Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake

Review | Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake
If you’re a regular reader of Raspberrykiss you’ll know how much I absolutely adore Makeup Revolution. I’m practically obsessed with the company as they have so many brilliant products for such affordable, purse friendly prices. And one of those brilliant products is the Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake.
The Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake retails at just £1.50 and is available to purchase on the Superdrug website as well as the Makeup Revolution website which is super duper affordable. It comes in a plastic compact style package with a clear lid. I will say that the packaging isn’t the more glamorous or luxurious but it is very practical, keeps the blush safe and sound, plus when you take the price into consideration, it’s pretty decent.
In terms of the shade it’s a slightly lilac, cool toned pink colour which is great for pale complexions. As for the formula and texture, it applies well due to its fabulous melting properties meaning it blends effortlessly. Once on it dries to a slight powder finish which has a very subtle dewy look about it. When it comes to the pigmentation and colour pay off, it’s a definite winner in my eyes as it gives a good blushed look to the cheeks but at the same time it isn’t too in your face or bold which makes it great for day time wear as it’s surprisingly quite natural looking. For the wear time, it lasts for roughly 5 or 6 hours but now that the really warm weather is fast approaching I’ve noticed this has decreased ever so slightly which to be fair is quite understandable as my skin has become a little more oily and of course sweatier (how glamorous)
The way I’ve recently been using Frambroise Shake is as a sort of primer/base for my powder blushes which have pigmentation that isn’t exactly wowing. I simply dab the cream blush on my cheeks, blend with my fingers and quickly pop my powder blush on top with my trusty Real Techniques brush. I find by doing this, my powder blush shade is intensified, improved and my cream blush sets better thus lasts longer, just what I need when Summer is round the corner.
All in all for less than two pounds I’d say the blush is pretty darn good. It works nicely with my skin tone and I’m fairly fond of its easy to work with formula and pigmentation. Of course if I could change anything about it I’d want it to last a bit longer on me but hey ho, for the price it’s a steal and I can’t really complain. It’s also worth stating that after trying the Makeup Revolution Cream Blush in Frambroise Shake I went on to purchase the other cream blushes in the range so if any of the other colours have caught your eye and you’d like to read my thoughts, let me know and I shall do a post. Ps. For swatches of Frambroise Shake, do be sure to check out my “5 Great Cream Blushes” post.
What’s your favourite budget cream blusher?
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