Giveaway | Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer Worth £199

Fancy winning yourself a Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer?

As a girl who is always trying to be healthier in life, juicing is something I’ve recently got into. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who replaces my meals with juice or anything like that, I’m someone who simply enjoys them and I find by having a nice homemade juice, I can get a lot more fruit into my diet. I’m a huge fan of green juice and yes, I know it looks rank and doesn’t sound the most appealing but I actually really quite like it (For my standard recipe I use spinach, apple, water and banana, it may sound boring, but it is pretty darn tasty and actually quite good for you) To make my concoctions I’ve been using a cheap, old blender as I don’t own a fancy juicer. If I’m honest, my blender is not the best. It has certainly seen better days as it has been in the family for donkeys years.
In an ideal world however, I’d love a Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer. Not heard of it? Well it is a juicer which has a slow rotating screw mechanism that presses vegetables, fruit and herbs delicately to get the best out of them. By gently pressing the ingredients, both the flavour and vitamins are preserved resulting in a highly delicious, tasty juice. The juicer also contains two filters. The orange filter is for juices and smoothies. It can transform both hard and soft fruit and vegetables into juice. There is also the pink filter which is ideal for making coulis and sauces. It works by allowing a little more of the fruit pulp through to give a slightly thicker result. The juicer is also supposed to give you 30% more juice and 35% more Vitamin C which is just the cherry onto of the cake.

Not only is it said to make great juice, sauces and coulis but it is also said to be kitchen cupboard friendly as it is simple to store due to its compact shape, it is also said to be quiet and it is even apparently capable of drying out and ejecting any waste. How amazing! It is also dishwasher safe and all the parts can be removed meaning it isn’t a pain in the backside to clean. To me it basically sounds like an awesome juicer.

Now the lovely people at Tefal have actually allowed me to giveaway a Tefal Infiny Press Revolution Juicer worth £199 to one of my lucky followers out there (I must admit, I am super jealous!) To be in with a chance, simply watch the video above and enter via the widget below. It is also worth noting that Tefal will be sending the juicer out to that lucky winner so I am in no way responsible for missing or lost prizes. The giveaway will be running until midnight Wednesday 20th August 2014 so if you do want to be in with a chance, make sure you get entering before then. Good luck everyone!

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What would you make if you were to win?

Shannon xo
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