Recipe | Creamy Parmesan, Broccoli, Leek, Onion and Bacon Tagliatelle Pasta

Want to see how I make Creamy Parmesan, Broccoli, Leek, Onion and Bacon Tagliatelle Pasta?
Recipe | Creamy Parmesan, Broccoli, Leek, Onion and Bacon Tagliatelle Pasta

Ingredients I used (feeds 6)
  • 400g Tesco free range egg dried tagliatelle pasta
  • 7 rashers/one packet of Tesco smoked back bacon
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 leek
  • 300g of broccoli
  • 300g of Tesco British creme fresh
  • 2 tablspoons of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Very Lazy Smoked Garlic*
  • 50g parmesan
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
Equipment/utensils I used:
  • Large pan for boiling
  • Large frying pan
  • Colander
  • Small grater
  • The essentials (chopping board, stirring spoons and knives)
Step 1:
The first thing you want to do is chop all that bacon up and then throw it into the pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. Because I wanted a strong bacon flavour I went for smoked back bacon. I simply chopped it up into decent sized chunks and fried it until it was nice and crispy but if you’re not a crispy bacon fan, simply cook it to how you like it. Once cooked, set it aside for later.
Step 2:
The next thing you want to do is chop up your leek, onion and broccoli so it is all ready to be used. You then want to get your pasta going. Basically the tagliatelle I bought took 9 minutes to cook. Now to ensure that everything was ready at the same time after 4 minutes of the pasta cooking, I threw in the broccoli. I found by throwing it in rather that getting another pan out, made life a little easier. It is also wise to mention that during the time your pasta and broccoli are cooking you should fry your onions and leek together with a tablespoon of olive oil. After a couple of minutes you want to add in some garlic for extra flavour. I opted for some Very Lazy Smoked Garlic which made cooking the dish even easier and gave it great flavour. I also added in some black pepper and salt for taste but this is optional.
Step 3:
Once your pasta and broccoli are cooked you want to drain them HOWEVER you want to keep a large cup of the water that you boiled the ingredients in (it sounds crazy but you will need it later on when making the sauce, trust me) Once drained just leave it all to stand until needed.
Step 4:
Now it is time to basically complete the dish. To your cooked leek and onion you want to add your bacon followed by 300ml of creme fresh. You can use cream for this step but using creme fresh is slightly healthier. Once everything is in the pan, add in some finely grated parmesan and give it a good mix. Once that is done you’ll probably find the sauce to be really thick and this is where you add the water that you saved earlier. When you’re happy with your sauce, add in your tagliatelle (or whatever pasta you’re using) and your broccoli then dish up. To finish the meal off you can add a sprinkling of parmesan but this isn’t essential. As you can probably tell I made my sauce a little too thick this time. This was because I had more mouths to feed than usual and underestimated how much water I needed to keep but I guess I’ll know for next time and lets face it, everyone makes mistakes. Nevertheless the meal was delicious and full of wonderful flavour (even if I do say so myself!)
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