Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation BB Cream in FB 02 Pink Tone

Want to hear my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation BB Cream in FB 02 Pink Tone?
Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation BB Cream in FB 02 Pink Tone

Way back in June I mentioned this in my June monthly favourites post. After trying countless BB Creams and disliking the majority, I was basically ready to give up on the concept and stick with my trusty foundations and camouflage creams but then when Makeup Revolution released their BB Cream Foundation, I had to give it a try. I’ll be honest, at first I absolutely adored the product (hence why it made it into my monthly favourites) Now that I’ve tested it out for a good couple of months I find although I still really, really like it, I’ve got a better opinion of it and from experiencing the foundation through the warmer weather (or shall we say ridiculously hot and sticky weather!) I find it isn’t suitable for every occasion. Confused? Well here are my thoughts…
The Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation BB Cream in FB 02 Pink Tone retails at just £3.00 for 30ml and is available to purchase on the Makeup Revolution website. The colour match is absolutely perfect for my fair and cool toned skin tone which I find is a rare occurrence, especially for a budget highstreet brand. Also, the foundation/BB cream comes in 11 shades which includes both pink, yellow, mid and dark tones so Makeup Revolution are definitely trying to cater for everyone which is lovely to see.
The good things about the product? Well apart from the excellent shade, it provides the skin with great coverage. Normally when I hear “BB cream” I think of lightweight, sheer, tinted moisturiser like coverage but that certainly is not the case with the Ultra Face Base Foundation. It conceals both my redness and imperfections but does so by giving the skin such a lovely, almost flawless but natural looking finish. I’d say it gives the skin medium but buildable coverage which I’ll admit I was certainly not expecting. Now when I first tried the BB cream out I found it pretty lightweight but as the Summer has gone on I’ve found it to become a little shall we say, heavy, uncomfortable and sticky on the skin when we have these little mini heat waves. My first complaint is that the foundation is definitely on the thick side. Although blending isn’t an issue with a trusty buffing or stippling brush, I find applying with my fingers is a definite no go as it oddly seems to provide me with less coverage but it is much harder to work with and blend in. My other issue is that is becomes sticky. I really noticed this in the hot weather. When first applied the foundation definitely gives a dewy finish but it also feels really sticky, as if it is trying to dry/set its self but fails to do so. This is where I get my trusty powder out and set the product. Normally I find by doing this, my foundation not only looks better but it lasts longer and hold up with the heat. Was that the case with the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation BB Cream? Well it was until the scorching weather arrived. I remember one day I applied the foundation and then headed out for a nice stroll with Marc. Within half an hour my face was in a terrible shiny state. It was as though the foundation was literally melting off my skin. I felt like a sticky, hot, awful mess. Although I attempted to control the issue with more powder, it didn’t help and looked truly awful. At first I thought maybe I’d applied too much or maybe I hadn’t blended it into my skin enough, but after further testing I found it was purely because the BB cream couldn’t cope with the heat as when worn on cold days it performed well (minus the midday shine) Because of this I’ve found during the Summer this product is definitely not something I can wear however, when we do get a cooler day, it is perfect so I will definitely be saving this for the Autumn/Winter.
Have you tried this product?
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