Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Want to hear my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer?
Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Primer isn’t a product I used to religiously use but in recent years I’ve found myself exploring the handy product more and more. Although a lot of the primers on the market I’ve tried have quite frankly been pointless, one I’ve found useful in my make up routine has been the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer.
The Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer retails at £5.00 for 25ml and is available to purchase on the Makeup Revolution website. Although £5 is still very affordable, in comparison to other similar Makeup Revolution products eg. Foundations, it seems a tad more pricier however, when it comes to primers in general I find they’re always that little more costly than other products. Not sure why that is though. Maybe it is the ingredients? Demand? Who knows. Anyway, what does the Ultra Face Base Primer actually do? Well it is a smoothing primer. The primer has a sort of silicone feel to it however, it isn’t overly greasy. I simply apply the primer to my face, paying particularly close attention to the areas which I find my foundation doesn’t apply to quite as easily as I’d like, for example, my chin and my forehead. I find applying the primer with my fingers works best as using a brush tends to waste product and my fingertips warm up the product well, helping it to melt nicely into my skin. Once all thoroughly sunk in, I begin to apply my foundation like I normally would. The result? Although the finish of my overall look isn’t absolute perfection, the primer does give me a much better base to work with and significantly helps with my makeup application thanks to the ultra smooth effect it gives my skin.
Makeup Revolution also claim that the Ultra Face Base Primer increases the wear time and that your foundation “lasts all day!” while I agree that the primer does increase the longevity of my overall makeup look, I certainly wouldn’t say it lasts all day. I’d say I get around three or four extra hours of wear when I use the primer which is pretty good but not last all day good. In terms of the product packaging, it comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is pretty effective and very sanitary, especially in comparison to say a screw top pot where you have to scoop the product out with your fingers. It also keeps the primer safe and sound which is key when it comes to product packaging in my eyes.
Basically as far as primers go, this is a good one and certainly helps with the overall look of my makeup. Although it doesn’t make my foundation last all day, it definitely increases wear time by a few hours which is better than none at all and I really like how it helps with applying the rest of my make up. At £5.00 it is reasonably priced and in my opinion worth the price tag, especially if you find a smooth base is what you require.
What is your favourite face primer?
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