The Range Homeware Haul

Want to see what goodies I got from The Range?
The Range Homeware Haul

White Vintage Rose Blanket – £10.99
I actually ordered two of theses Microfleece Blanket Throws. You see in the flat me and Marc have a sofa and a chair and although there isn’t anything physically wrong with them, the pattern isn’t the nicest and doesn’t really go with the theme or decor that we have in mind. We’ve looked into buying a new sofa but for a nice comfy one it isn’t exactly going to be cheap so for now I thought we could just cover our current ones with these pretty floral throws. I love the pattern on these throws and they feel incredibly soft. I’m super happy that I ordered them. Although we haven’t yet tried them on the furniture, they are quite big in size so I’ll be shocked if they don’t cover the settee and the chair.
Handled Kilner Glass Jars – £2.49 each
I went a bit Pinterest with these. I’ve seen everyone and their mother drinking from these quirky looking jars and I thought it was about time I hopped on the bandwagon and ordered some. I just love them and teamed up with my bargain eBay straws, they look a treat. I can’t wait to fill these with delicious smoothies, juices and maybe even hot chocolate. My only complaint is that one of the jars doesn’t seem to be completely flat on the bottom which means that it wobbles around a little when you put it down. So far there hasn’t been any accidents or spillages though and fingers crossed there isn’t any either.
I Love You Hanging Heart – £1.99
This was just too cute to resist. I’m definitely one for a good old quote every now and again so this was right up my street. As you have probably already guessed, this will be going in our bedroom. I’m not sure exactly whereabouts in the bedroom it’ll be going but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere to put it.
Blue Floral Bedding – £16.99
Another bedroom item I bought was this absolutely gorgeous quilt cover. Now funnily enough I’ve had this before but it was when I had my single bed (I’m talking years back here) I really liked the print and when I spotted it online I just had to get it. It was also available in a sort of cream and red combo which I was very tempted to get (looking back I definitely regret not ordering that one too!)
500ml Glass Storage Jars – £1.39 each
I then got three of these 500ml glass storage jars. Now I’d been searching high and low for some pretty but affordable tea, coffee and sugar canisters but I simply couldn’t find any that really, really took my fancy and I didn’t really want to pay stupid money for ones just because we needed them. When browsing The Range site I had a little brainwave and decided that rather than paying through the roof for jars, I’d order these affordable gems and jazz them up a little (keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on them!)
Are you a fan of The Range?
Shannon xo
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