The Original Beautyblender Review

The Original Beautyblender Review

The Original Beautyblender Review

For years I’d heard people rave about the Beautyblender. At first, I just thought well, it is just a sponge, how good could it possibly be? I wasn’t too fussed about it but as I kept seeing more and more bloggers and YouTubers feature and chat about it, I had a strange urge to try it. Although I did really want to give it a go, for some strange reason I never actually got round to purchasing it, until I received one in my June 2014 Birchbox. The Beautyblender Classic Single and Solid Cleanser Kit which I own retails at a whopping £26.00 but if you just want the Classic Beautyblender Sponge it’ll set you back a slightly more affordable £16.00. However, personally I think for a makeup sponge it is madness but hey ho.

A sponge that gives an almost flawless finish

The Beautyblender is essentially a sponge created without edges in order to eliminate visible lines and streaks. The way in which you’re meant to use it is by gently bouncing the sponge against your face to apply your makeup. So essentially you’re stippling which is a technique that blends makeup without changing the texture or tone of the skin. I find by using this method, I’m given an almost flawless finish. This is something I really like and almost always try to achieve when applying my make up.

As well as having a rounded side for those large areas of the face, the sponge also has a pointed side. This is ideal for around the nose and the under eye area. Oh, and of course those other hard to get to areas which require a little more precision. Now one thing I noticed when using the Beautyblender dry is that it absorbs quite a bit of makeup. It wasn’t until I read up about it that I realised you’re in fact meant to use it wet. Not only doubles the sponge in size but also minimises the Beautyblender’s absorption of the product.

A sponge that works best wet

By using it wet I noticed a significant difference. Since having a good play around with the sponge I think I’ve finally nailed it when it comes to getting the best finish and found a method that works for me. What I do is wet the sponge. Then I apply my foundation/concealer directly onto my face (not the sponge!) I then work in very small areas to ensure every inch is thoroughly blended. I, of course, use the bounce/stipple technique. The outcome is simply brilliant and the overall finish of my makeup looks great.

When it comes to washing the sponge the Blendercleanser Solid sponge cleanser. This works well and after use, my Beautyblender looks at though it is brand new! I’ve also tried the Blendercleanser Solid Sponge Cleanser out on my makeup brushes and I have to say, it is a very effective product but at the same time I find it didn’t last very long and it sure isn’t affordable so I’ve reverted back to my more purse friendly baby shampoo which doesn’t work as well but gets the job done.

Are you a Beautyblender fan?
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