Wilko Homeware Haul

Want to see what homeware goodies I recently got from Wilko?

Yes I’ve been at it once again. Over the past few months buying homeware bits and pieces has sort of become a little obsession of mine. What can I say, I just keep finding absolutely adorable things! My latest goodies are from good old Wilko, a shop known for it’s affordable prices and lovely home bits. I’ll be totally honest here, I do often have a mooch around Wilkinsons when I go to town however, for some daft reason I only tend to take notice of their skincare products and other things on the first floor of the Newcastle store. It was only because I was having a good old browse online that I spotted these lovely things and ended up ordering. Because of this I’ve definitely been shall we say, inspired, to check out the other Wilko floors next time I pop into town. Anyway, here is what I ordered…


I’ve already got my eye on an adorable floral (of course) dinner set which contains four bowls (hence why I didn’t order more of these) but I thought they were absolutely adorable. I couldn’t resist ordering a couple and thought they’d come in handy for little nibbles like nuts, sweets and popcorn. My only concern is that they do feel a bit thin and fragile so I’m definitely going to have to be careful with them to avoid any breakages occurring.
I’ll be totally honest here, I’m rubbish when it come to looking at the measurements of things so when this arrived I was a little taken aback by how big the jar is in person. It is MASSIVE! I’m not too sure what I’m going to store in this yet. Part of me is thinking it would be great for things like pasta, rice or flour but the other half of me thinks it would look absolutely incredible if it were filled pull of pretty nail polishes.
Mini Kitchen Scales – £2.50
The next thing I got was some mini kitchen scales for when I’m cooking and baking. I absolutely love the colour of these and feel they’ll go well in the pastel and floral theme that I have in mind for the kitchen. At £2.50 they were pretty cheap so I can’t complain. I also love how the sales fit into the container that you pop on top. This means they take up next to no space, which is ideal for the minuscule kitchen in the flat.
Small Cream Heart Shaped Basket – £4.00
The final thing I got was this heart shaped basket. Now online this is classed as small but it is actually quite a decent size. I’m planning on using this as a fruit bowl but it could also work well for housing random bits that are usually just left lying around. It could even work out as great storage for bath products but at the moment I’m still pretty happy with my cake stand bath bomb storage.
Are you a Wilkinson’s fan?
Shannon xo
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