I’m Engaged!

Want to hear about my engagement?
I'm Engaged!

If you like me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have probably heard the news about my engagement to Marc. If you don’t well… WE’RE ENGAGED! This week we celebrated 3 marvellous years together. I don’t want to be too soppy but this is a post about love so I guess all rules kinda go out of the window eh? Basically Marc is my best friend, he understands me perfectly, I get him and we make each other happy. We’ve each experienced some awful things whilst we’ve been together but we’ve always been there for one and other which I adore more than anything. To celebrate our little milestone, we had a lovely long weekend which was spent appreciating each other, watching many films and TV shows and just generally just being in each other’s company.
On the Friday evening Marc wanted to take me out for a meal and to the cinema but in the end we decided to stay in as I wasn’t feeling too grand plus we didn’t fancy missing the soaps and Gogglebox (Yes, we’re sad.) So a night in front of the box snuggled on the sofa seemed perfect and that is what we did. Marc even cooked me a delicious meal (Spagbol, a classic meal we’ve made each other time and time again, it is sort of our signature dish in all honesty) and then we just chilled. After our meal Marc headed into the bedroom. He was away for ages so naturally I went to investigate. I went in to find the lights out, candles lit, the room filled with the scent of my Very Berry Bomb Cosmetics candle and Magic FM playing. I’m not going to lie, we don’t really do romantic things like this and often when we try to do little things for each other, we end up bursting into fits of laughter and that is exactly what happened. It was very us. He then got down on one knee (and sort of tumbled over which amused me further) and then asked me if I wanted to one day be his wife along with some other sweet words which were quite personal so I won’t be sharing those (sorry guys!) I obviously said yes and onto my finger the ring went. It was totally unexpected however, now that I think about it for a week or so before hand I did sense something was up but it never entered my mind that a ring would be involved. We then spent the rest of the evening happy as Larry, chatting and generally just being us. It was quite late at this point and we wanted to enjoy our news together so we waited until the morning to tell our families and friends but Marc did let on that he had already told my parents prior to buying a ring however I will say that their efforts to act surprised were good until I told them I knew they were in on it (nice try guys! 10 out of 10 for effort!) At the moment we’ve got no plans to get married quickly and we certainly will not be setting a date for quite a while however, the thought of wedding planning excites me greatly so keep your eyes peeled for a post or two on the topic as I’m sure I’ll have some up at some point. I’d also just like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the congratulations and lovely wishes we received on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in personal. It was absolutely lovely and we feel very blessed and thankful for all the support. Right now it still feels weird to think we are Engaged and that one day we will tie the knot but I’m unbelievably excited and I’m thankful to have found someone who makes me happy, understands my weird and wonderful ways and has such a great personality.
Will you be looking forward to wedding related posts?
Shannon xo
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