Inner Me Diaries Challenge | Week 2

Want to know how I got on inn week 2 of the Inner Me Diaries Challenge?
Inner Me Diaries Challenge | Week 2

If you read my blog post on week 1 of the Inner Me Diaries challenge you’ll be all clued up on the challenge and the brand but if you missed it, Inner Me got in touch and asked me to take part in their Inner Me Diaries Challenge. What is the challenge you ask? Well for 6 weeks I will be taking the Inner Me Daily 4 Me: The Younger Years for Teen and Twenties tablets and keeping all of you lovely people updated on my progress. Each monthly pack contains a month supply of tablets which come in four different forms. There is a tailored multivitamin and mineral tablet which is said to be packed full of vitamins and minerals for virtually all functions of the human body from immune function to muscular and circulatory function. It is also said to provide essential multi nutrients including energy releasing Vitamin B. There is also an Omega 3 tablet which is basically pure fish oil which contains fatty acids to keep healthy levels in our bodies.  Then we have the Beauty Capsule, a small tablet said to improve the skin, hair and nails. It contains Silica from Bamboo Extract and Collagen. Finally there is the Vitamin D3 2500iu Tablet. This obviously contains Vitamin D which is great for the bones and the teeth. For a month supply pack they retail at £14.00 and are available to purchase on the Inner Me website and in Holland and Barrett Stores.
I’ve now been taking the tablets for 2 weeks and as the tablets claim to really improve the body in many ways, I’ve been well on the look out for results. Have I noticed improvement? I certainly have. I have noticed that I have much, much more energy than normal which means I am more productive and weirdly more enthusiastic to complete tasks which I’d normally put off and avoid by procrastinating. In terms of my skin, nails and hair, I’m starting to notice a little improvement but I’m hoping after another week or so I’ll see more noticeable results. For my hair I’ve noticed it is ever so slightly less dry. For my nails, I’ve noticed they’re a teeny, tiny bit stronger and for my skin, my oily patches are a little more under control. Obviously I am pretty chuffed with the results but I’m looking forward to seeing just how much improvement there is when I get to the end of the challenge.
The only thing I will say is that I’ve had a little trouble with is the Omega 3 tablet. It is HUGE and for someone who despises taking tablets (despite having to take my fair share regularly) there’s been a few times when I’ve gagged and slightly choked attempting to swallow it. Of course this is probably just me but I’d recommend a BIG glass of water on hand to get this bad boy down. Apart from that, the challenge is going smoothly.
Are you a fan of Inner Me?

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