Review | Alesha Dixon Rose Quartz Fragrance

Want to hear my thoughts on the Alesha Rose Quartz Fragrance?
Review | Alesha Dixon Rose Quartz Fragrance

Review | Alesha Dixon Rose Quartz Fragrance
I know it sounds bad but when I think of celebrity fragrances I always think of cheap and typical sickly sweet scents. Because of this reason I never really get too excited by them but having said that there are a few which I do like (J-Lo My Glow and Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Pure Crush are two of my favourites) Not long back I was sent the Alesha Dixon Rose Quartz Fragrance which retails at the very respectable price of £24.50 for generous 100ml. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the scent as it was much better than I was expecting it to be. You may have actually already spotted this here on Raspberrykiss as I featured it in my “Five Great Products I Have Recently Discovered” post but I thought I’d chat a little more about it and share my full opinion for all you lovely lot.
The first thing that I noticed about the product was the bottle. It is actually surprisingly rather classy looking which I found quite refreshing as in my opinion a lot of fragrances produced by famous people seem to be quite cheap and tacky looking (no offense to any celebs or anything!) The Rose Quartz comes housed in a transparent large bottle complete with a ombre/gradient pink glass bottom which I must admit, looks rather lovely, particularly when it is sat upon my swanky white desk. The fragrance its self is a floral and fruity number which is very much my kind of scent. It has notes of Bergamot, Rose, Magnolia, Grapefruit, Musk, Amber and Cedar. It is really fresh and has a Summer vibe to it as it is not pungent or overly strong but I think it would also be the ideal fragrance for Spring too. In terms of its sillage, it is pretty much detectable at arms length but because it is a light fragrance I find it doesn’t have amazing wear time. I find it lasts around 5-6 hours so reapplication is a must if you want it to last you all day. Is the scent more suitable for daytime or evening wear? Personally I would say that is definitely more of a day scent as it isn’t too strong and kind of subtle.
Overall I’d say this is a nice enough scent. It is rather pleasant and I think both younger ladies and the more mature women would enjoy it. Would I say it is the best fragrance I’ve ever tried? I’m afraid not, I simply enjoy other scents that little bit extra. I think this would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a family member or loved one who is either a fan of Alesha Dixon herself or enjoys a fruity, floral spray every now and again.
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