Review | Bubble T Cosmetics Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream

Want to hear my thoughts on the Bubble T Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream?
Review | Bubble T Cosmetics Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream

A few months back you may have spotted me chatting about the Bubble T Cosmetics Fizzing Bath Bombs. If you read that post you’ll know all about the brand, if not, the brand was inspired by the colourful and popular Taiwanese drink, bubble tea. The creators of the brand went on a trip to Asia and discovered the drink. When they got back they noticed many bubble tea stores popping up, particularly in London’s West End as well as in Manchester. Not heard of bubble tea? Well it is a tea base blended with fruit. Tapioca balls are then added which lay at the bottom of the drink which give the drink its unusual wow factor. With the drink as inspiration, Bubble T Cosmetics was born with the philosophy that products should not just look and smell good, but they should leave you feeling good too. The creators then worked with experts in the industry and crafted a combo of rich tea based infusions mixed with fruit extract and essence. Because tea has many properties depending on the kind they are able to provide benefits in different ways such as speeding up blood circulation, waking you up and aiding sleep which is why Bubble T Cosmetics use tea in their products. Not only is tea good for targeting certain problems but it also replenishes, cleanses and even hydrates the skin.
I’ve got to say the Fizzing Bath Bombs from the brand were awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed using them but another product I’ve enjoyed has been their Bubble T Cosmetics Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream. The product retails at the reasonable price of £2.99 for 100ml and is available to purchase on the Fragrance Direct website. The cream uses a blend of Hibiscus and Goji Berry extracts infused with a restoring fragrance. Let me tell you, it smells lovely. It is fruity but floral, the kind of scent I adore. The cream is said to be suitable for all skin types as well as being SLS, SLES and Paraben free. The cream also contains both Shea Butter and Almond Oil which are both known for their hydrating properties.
The consistency of the cream isn’t runny but it isn’t thick, it is sort of in between. I find a pea size amount is more than enough per applications so a little goes a long way and the bottle is sure to last a while but I will say that it can take a little while to absorb. Because of this I like to use the cream either on a night time right before I head to bed or when I’m having an evening doing nothing in front of the television because I find using my hands during the application period a little difficult until fully absorbed. Since using the cream I have noticed my hands are softer than usual. They feel plumper and more hydrated which is fantastic. For the price I think this is a great product and I think it smells fabulous. As far as hand creams go, it is good and I’d definitely repurchase if ever I were ever again in need of a decent cream to tackle my dry hands.
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