Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats With A Hint Of Honey Review

Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats With A Hint Of Honey

Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats With A Hint Of Honey

It isn’t often that I get excited over Granola or any cereal for that matter. However, on this occasion, I did just that. When I spotted this HUGE bag in my September Degustabox, I thought I’d give it a go and see what I thought. You know what? I love this stuff! I’ve said before that I am definitely not a cereal eater. Or even a breakfast eater for that matter. Unless it is dippy eggs or a good fry up. However, I can safely say that this stuff will definitely be getting repurchased as I have been obsessed with it.

A tasty sweet and crunchy breakfast treat 

Normally when I think of Granola I think of bland Rabbit food. Jordans Simply Granola is certainly not like that at all. It is crunchy (and will get stuck in your teeth!) but it also has a nice slight sweet taste to it which is no doubt a combination of both the honey and the sugar that it contains. It isn’t too sweet in my opinion but gives you that slight sweetness that you may be craving. The main solid ingredients it contains are oat flakes and chopped almonds. These are two things that I would never normally opt for. However, they work so well together. Obviously, if you’re someone with a nut allergy I’d definitely recommend staying away. But if you’re a person who is open to trying things, I’d say give a bag a go.

Perfect teamed up with milk or yogurt 

I’ve not only been eating this sweet granola for my breakfast. There have been days where I’ve had it for my lunch when I’ve been too lazy to make anything else. My chosen way of eating the cereal is simply in a bowl with some good old semi skimmed milk but it also tastes good with a bit of natural yogurt and some fruit too. One thing I’ve also been doing is adding raisins to my bowl fulls as I find they go well with the flavour of the cereal.
Another thing I like about it is that it is really quite filling and fuels me for the day. I find if I have a bowl full early in the morning I’m kept full until at least mid afternoon which is great. In terms of price and value for money, I’m not 100% sure how much this retails at but from a quick Google search I’ve spotted it is currently on offer for £2.00 at Tesco which isn’t too bad, especially for the amount you get.

A high fibre product that is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

Other great things about the product are that it is free from genetically modified ingredients, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, it is non-GM, high in fibre, suitable for vegetarians, contains no added salt content due to naturally occurring sodium and it is even said to lower cholesterol (obviously as part of a balanced diet and when using the recommended serving sizes) Overall, it is a winner in my eyes and for the first time in quite a few years, I have started eating breakfast regularly, not just because I am forcing myself to, but because I enjoy it and look forward to it. Who would have thought a simple Granola could be so good eh?
Have you tried the Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats With A Hint Of Honey?
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