Three eBay Beauty Bargains

Want to hear about what eBay bargains I’ve recently been purchasing?
Three eBay Beauty Bargains

If you read Raspberrykiss on a regular basis you’ll know that I do love eBay. I could spend hours browsing the listings and I’m also partial to creating a good old eBay wishlist every now and again as I have a slight obsession with the bargains that are to be had on the site. Recently I ordered three beauty products which I feel were absolute bargains so I thought I’d share them today…
Konjac Sponge – 99p
A while back I was sent a few Konjac sponges from a brand who were selling them for the whopping price of £7.99. At the time I wasn’t too familiar with the whole Konjac market and thought that was the going rate for them and when I did a little search online I found rival companies selling them for around the same price (Some were selling them for £10+!) I’ll be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed using the sponges but I found due to my nails digging into the delicate sponges, they didn’t last that long which was a bit of a shame. Now imagine my excitement when I spotted Konjac Sponges on good old eBay for just 99p each. I was pretty darn chuffed and I immediately bought myself two. And do you know what? I honestly cannot tell the difference between the pricey branded sponges and my eBay ones. I highly suggest if you’re after some of these sponges or just fancy trying them out, order the ones off eBay, they’re much more affordable and just as good.
Muslin Cloths – £2.19 for 10 cloths
Next up I got a pack of 10 muslin cloths for just £2.19. I go through these like there is no tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong they work super duper well with my cleanser and help to effortlessly remove my make up, however they seem to get dirty quite quickly so instead of keep purchasing one Muslin cloth from the Body Shop for £2.50, I ordered myself this purse friendly, affordable pack. The only thing I will say is that the cloths are a teeny tiny bit thinner but to be honest it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. They effectively remove my cleanser and leave me with squeaky clean skin so I cannot complain.
Last but not least I got myself a foundation blending sponge. Now to be totally honest, when it comes to blending sponges, nothing and I mean nothing compares to the Original Beautyblender. The texture of the sponge is just something else and none of the budget sponges compare HOWEVER, you do have to remember the sponge retails at a whopping £16.00 on its own and £26.00 with the solid cleanser. Personally I think it is very overpriced and way out of most people’s budget so although the eBay sponges are no way near as good, for 99p it is effective and does the job well when it comes to blending both foundation and concealer out nicely. In comparison to the Beautyblender, the sponge is much more dense and the texture feels very different but it is still easy to use. I personally find using the sponge wet is certainly the way forward but I guess it is simply down to personal preference.
Have you purchased any beauty bargains on eBay recently?
Shannon xo
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