Review | Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum

Want to hear my thoughts on the Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum?
Review | Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum

Review | Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum
I’ve never really been a massive Lady Gaga fan to be honest. I mean I like her music as I find her tracks catchy but she isn’t an absolute favourite of mine or anything. However, I have always been intrigued by her fragrance. The one I am talking about is Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum which is available to purchase on the Perfume Click website for £10.40 for 30ml. A bargain I think. This is actually Lady Gaga’s first fragrance and was released back in September 2012 so it is certainly not a new product on the market. The scent is a collaboration with her own The Haus Laboratories Paris and fragrance giant and the company what seems to produce the majority of celebrity scents, Coty.
The thing that sets this apart from other fragrances on the market is that is does not respect the pyramidal structure of composition which most brands follow. Instead it uses what is called “pull push technology” What is this weird and wonderful thing you ask? Well it is apparently how the ingredients are mixed to highlight different aspects of each fragrant note at the same time without any hierarchy. When it comes to the actual smell it is a combination of honey, apricot, incense, orchid, jasmine, belladonna and saffron. It isn’t something I would typically choose but I do like it. Oh and the liquid is black! Yeah that’s right but don’t worry, once on the skin it becomes invisible. In terms of the bottle shape it is rather edgy. It was actually designed in collaboration with Nick Knight, a British photographer who has shot both editorial and advertising campaigns for big names like Alexander McQueen, Lancome, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Swarovski and YSL to name few,
For the quality of the parfum, I was actually quite surprised. Normally celeb scents don’t tend to last as long or have as much silage but this one is the complete opposite. But then again, it is a Eau De Parfum rather than an Eau De Toilette so that does obviously change things. For the longevity it is long lasting. I applied the scent at 8am and at 4pm it was still detectable, not surprisingly it had faded a bit but I could still smell it. In terms of silage I would class it as moderate to heavy as I found the people around me could definitely pick it up and even commented on it. I’d also say this is more of an evening scent ideal for the likes of Autumn and Winter rather than Spring and Summer. Would I purchase a bottle of this with my own money? I sure would. I’m actually really quite tempted to order myself a back up but I have a feeling this one may last me a little longer than I’m expecting but then again, for the price you cannot go wrong.
Have you tried this? Are you a Gaga fan?
Shannon xo
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