Review | The Library Of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray

Want to hear my thoughts on The Library Of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray?
Review | The Library Of Fragrance Sunshine Cologne Spray

If you read my whole post on The Library of Fragrance you’ll have saw me already briefly mention this product and I promised I would be individually reviewing each scent that I receive so here I am fulfilling my promise, aren’t I a good egg? Sunshine retails at the very reasonable and affordable price of £15.00 for 30ml and is available to purchase from Boots both in store and online. Now to describe this scent The Fragrance Library say “What does Demeter’s Sunshine smell like? Think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun. We thought long and hard about what elements we could use to express the idea of Sunshine. After a debate that lasted more than a year, we decided Cotton, warmed by the sun, was the smell that best represented the idea of Sunshine Now we had a direction, but executing that direction was easier said than done. It took almost another two years until we felt this fragrance was done.” Personally I think this is a pretty accurate description of the scent but I do feel it is very clean, fruity and has a slight vanilla hint to it.


The first thing I will say is that I love the packaging of the spray. It is very simple yet there is something oddly really appealing about it. It comes complete with a handy spritzer which distributes the cologne well. In my personal opinion I’d definitely say this is more of a daytime spray and it is probably more suited in Spring and Summer so it certainly isn’t one for this time of year but I like breaking the rules so I have been sporting it like a total rebel. One thing that I will say that I was a little disappointed with was the staying power. It barely lasted 3 hours on me which was a real shame. Because of this I don’t feel it is a scent to wear out and about unless you want something quite subtle as the silage is soft to moderate too. The way I have been using this is as an after bath and shower spray, just to keep me smelling nice for bed. It works well and has a slight calming effect without being pungent, overly strong and overwhelming. I was going to use it as a pillow spray but I’m not too sure how the spray would work with the material as the last thing I want is my pretty floral bedding ruined so for now I have refrained.
Overall, I do like the scent a lot, I find it to be really pleasant and just nice and relaxing. I do however really wish it lasted better so I could wear it out and about without reapplying frequently. I guess for the price it isn’t terrible and I will continue to use it as an after bath product.
Have you tried this?
Shannon xo
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