The Most Mouth Watering Fragrance?

Want to hear my thoughts on The Body Shop Chocomania Eau De Toilette?
The Body Shop Chocomania Eau De Toilette

Fragrance is something I am really big on and over the past few months I have tried out lots of lots of new scents to me. One weird but wonderful scent I’ve been testing out has been The Body Shop Chocomania Eau De Toilette which came out back in 2013. I actually got this on sale for around three to four pounds but sadly it seems to have disappeared from the website which quite often means that a product has been discontinued (Boohoo!) However, if you ever come across this, snap it up. If you’re a chocolate lover, this will probably be right up your street but if you’re not, still, give it a try if you do spot it out and about.

Personally? I absolutely love this. I’m not the biggest chocolate fiend on the planet (although I do find it hard to resist a truffle or two) but this has fast become a favourite of mine. What I like about this is that it isn’t sickly sweet, although there is a slight sweetness to it and it doesn’t smell really fake either. It is kind of a mixture of cocoa and nuts with a kind of creamy note. It is divine. In terms of the strength it isn’t overly strong, I’d class it as moderate as for the silage it was detectable at around an arms length. For the staying power I found it lasts roughly around six hours which isn’t bad for a budget fragrance. When it came to the packaging I thought it was simple yet effective and to be honest, I could not fault it at all. Despite wearing this on a daily basis, I’ve also took a liking to it when it comes to using it as a room spray, especially right before bed as it just makes my room smell wonderful. Personally I think this is much more of an Autumn Winter fragrance rather than a Spring Summer scent but that’s just my opinion. Overall I love it however, I am gutted that it is no longer available for when my current bottle runs low and I need to stock up again.

Have you tried this product? Are you a Chocoholic?
Shannon xo
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