Airpure Press Fresh Air Fresheners

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Airpure Press Fresh Air Fresheners

It isn’t often that I rave about air fresheners but these gems have been making our little flat smell amazeballs! I currently have three different scents, Citrus Zing, Lotus Flower and Fresh Linen, all are from a brand called Airpure. Personally I like each scent but my favourite by far most certainly has to be Lotus Flower, it is a lovely floral scent which is just super pleasant. I like to use it in both the bathroom and the bedroom. My second favourite would have to be Fresh Linen which is very true to it’s name as it smells identical to a fresh batch of washing. I find it great for the living room and the bedroom. And last but not least is Citrus Zing. This smells rather lemon like and is fabulous for tackling those cooking odours. It is also a good one for the bathroom too. One thing that I love about these sprays and which sets them apart from other air fresheners on the market is that when you press the lever, a measured dose of fragrance is released. This means that you’re less likely to waste product. You’re probably thinking one spritz is no where near enough fragrance but for small rooms, it is great. For larger rooms I like to spray a couple of times (in different areas of course) In terms of the scent longevity, it lasts surprisingly well and doesn’t just disappear instantly like a lot of home fragrances. Oh and each spray comes with an adhesive hook so you can hang the cans practically anywhere. Basically, I really like these and if you’re after a good odour eliminating product, I would really recommend these.
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