5 Programs I Am Loving Right Now

Want to hear about 5 programs I am loving right now?
5 Programs I Am Loving Right Now

5 Programs I Am Loving Right Now
Celebrity Big Brother
This year’s CBB has been dramatic to say the least. I’ve literally lost count of the the amount of arguments that have gone on. It’s no secret that the majority of the show has been about Perez and Hopkins but there is just something strangely entertaining about the situation. My favourite housemates this year have been Keith and weirdly Katie Hopkins who I previously could not stand. Not sure who I want to win but it is safe to say that I will be gutted when the series ends.
The last series of Broadchurch was AMAZING and had me totally and utterly hooked. If you haven’t watched it, seriously, give it a go! This series isn’t as good as the last in my opinion (a lot of sequels always tend to be like that though) however, it is still a fantastic watch and has had it’s fair share of shockers. Personally I love the character of Ellie and I think David Tennant plays the part of Alec Hardy extremely well.
Now there was a time when I would not watch Hollyoaks, I believe this was around the time when they introduced an Alien character if I recall correctly. I always knew Hollyoaks was a pretty unrealistic soap, more so than others currently on the box but that story line really took the biscuit for me. Anyway, recently on Sunday mornings I’ve been watching the Omnibus when there is nothing else on and you know what? It has sort of become my guilty pleasure. Although each episode is riddled with plot holes and it always seems to be dramatic, there is just something about it that makes me want to watch more and more.
Dr G Medical Examiner
My parents and Marc are literally sick of me talking about this show. Despite it being around for years and years, I only recently discovered the amazing Dr G Medical Examiner one night when I was flicking through the channels trying to find something half decent to watch. I believe I first watched it on Really but I have even gone as far tracking down episode after episode and watching it on YouTube all day long. The show is basically about a Medical Examiner (similar to a corner) called Jan Garavaglia. She basically talks you through cases and tries to find the cause of death. You also see her carry out Autopsies although sometimes the cadaver is blurred and you never, ever see her making any incisions or anything too graphic. I just find it really clever the way she pieces everything together and finds how each person died. I’m not even kidding, I even looked into becoming a medical examiner after watching the show but of course I don’t have the time, nor patience (or the brains for that matter) to become a doctor/barrister, practice for 5+ years and then train as a medical examiner so I guess I will just stick to watching the show.
The Millionaire Matchmaker

The final program I have enjoyed has been the Millionaire Matchmaker. I have enjoyed this show for months, ever since I discovered it on ITVbe. To be fair it is a bit of trashy and what not but I enjoy it and I really like Patti Stanger and her sassy personality. My favourite episode by far would have to be the first episode that Robyn Kassner appeared in, the woman who was obsessed with Hello Kitty. It was, shall we say, memorable. If you’ve watched, you’ll know why.

What shows are you currently enjoying?
Shannon xo
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