3 Reasons Why Blogging Is Awesome

Want to hear why I think blogging is awesome?
3 Reasons Why Blogging Is Awesome

The community
The blogging community is one that is full of absolutely wonderful people. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger or fashion blogger, I can guarantee that the community will be one you are proud to be part of. When I first began blogging the community was much, much smaller but everyone was lovely and made me feel super welcome. Today blogging seems to have exploded, everybody and their mother seems to write things on their own corner of the internet and although there are now a few bad eggs purely because of the amount of people involved online, the majority of bloggers are just as friendly, helpful and kind as back in 2009. A great example of this is of course the Twitter chats. Whether you join in with #Bbloggers, #Fblchat, #Fbloggers, #Lbloggers or any of the other hashtags, you’ll be sure to find someone to chat to, share your interests and become blogging pals with.

The opportunities
Now I know many bloggers who have created their blogs purely for freebies and profit and whilst that is totally their decision, I personally believe this is something that kind of spoils the blogging world ever so slightly and unfortunately is one of the reasons why blogging has exploded so much. I honestly think that creating a blog should be done purely because you want to write, upkeep a site, be part of a community of like minded people or share your opinions potentially with the world whether it be on your love for beauty or any other topic. Although it is non of my business why anyone creates a blog, I do think it is somewhat wrong creating an online blogging outlet purely for profit and PR samples. Also, if you are after freebies and collaborations I know from experience brands like to see genuine growth, engaging content and passion when it comes to blogs. As a Digital Marketing Assistant I find there is nothing more disheartening and off putting than a blog that is quite clearly just after free things in exchange for a half hearted post and I would much rather work with someone who clearly loves the world of blogging but hey, that’s just me. Back when I began blogging free products and paid for content was practically unheard of and really rather rare. I for one wasn’t aware of it happening when I started Raspberrykiss. Anyway, enough of the ranting. PR samples and sponsored posts are amazing perks of blogging and should be truly appreciated however, I also think that things like creating relationships with brands is another amazing thing that is equally as good. Oh and if you’re really lucky you may also be offered things like event invites and job opportunities which are simply mind blowing. Oh and is your blog on your CV? Adding it can be a HUGE plus and a lot of the time it can work in your favour especially if you’re after a career in say an online marketing role or your blog topic of choice is an industry you are keen to get into.
You keep up with all the latest trends and releases
Personally I receive a lot of emails each day that are jam packed full of beauty information. A lot of the time my emails include exclusive information on new products and release dates. Not only does this mean you get to know all the gossip but it also means that you get to keep up with all the latest trends going on in the world. When I was at college studying Beauty Therapy one of the things we were taught was that it is essential to keep up with beauty news. Not only to implement said trends in the salon to maximize profit and client bookings, but also because clients have a tendency to ask questions about what is going to be “in” and they also expect you to know your stuff and be up to date with the world (you are a beauty therapist after all!) I found that when I was there because of blogging I knew a lot more about what was going to trend than a lot of the girls who just read magazines. Of course I know a lot of bloggers are not therapists but having all the info always creates a great talking point for conversations with friends and family plus it is just nice to know those things.
Why do you love blogging?
Shannon xo
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